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If you want luxury real estate, Oakville has a lot to offer! The problem is that if you want to sell your Oakville luxury homes for sale, you may not know what increases the value. Here we’re going to go over a few choice appliances that will bring the value of your property up without having to go all out. Those little amenities are always what sell the home – as Oakville luxury realtors we know that, so let’s get started.

Dishwashers Always Clean up

If you want to sell, invest in a top of the line dishwasher! You’ll want it integrated into the home, maybe with a cabinet-front façade that’s going to give the next owners functionality and beauty in the same package. More and more buyers are looking for luxury real estate, Oakville in particular can be very competitive. You’ll want to make sure that if you do something like this that it’s integrated and not just shoved under the counters. Stainless steel ones under the façade will go a long way towards making people excited – it’s shown that people prefer restaurant quality kitchen appliances because it makes them feel like they’re better chefs!

Outdoor Grill

An outdoor grill or an outdoor space in general is going to go a long way towards making sure that your Oakville luxury real estate sells! As Oakville luxury realtors we can’t even begin to tell you how important it can be to have that standout feature that really makes things pop. An outdoor grill may only be functional half the year but you’ll be able to really enjoy it and the people that want to buy luxury Oakville homes for sale will love it too! Give your house a feature that makes it pop, make it something  that will look great in pictures and make people want to buy!

Smart Vacuum

Central vacuums are important and are a key feature in any luxury real estate, Oakville is filled with them and you’re going to want to make sure you have one in your home. They’ll keep your floors clean and actually make the house last longer than going over them with a heavy vacuum, especially with hardwood flooring. A Roomba can be a fun thing to have, but there are also other high end models that you can find (check Consumer Reports). This is one of those things that an Oakville luxury realtor like us is going to really be able to sell to people buying real estate.

If you want to sell your home, you need to pack it with all kinds of goodies. You shouldn’t try and sell just the building, it’s luxury real estate! Oakville has a lot to offer buyers and you have to go that extra mile to make your home really stand out. Do it, make your home something people want to buy. Let us help you find the right price, the right setting, the right everything to sell your home.

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