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Are you ready to be a part of the kick-off for the Annual Terry Fox Run this Friday? Then read on and find out more about the event and what’s in store for participants.

The Terry Fox Run

On the 12th of April, 1980, Terry Fox started his cross-Canada Marathon of Hope by dipping his artificial leg in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and Canadians all over the country cheered him on his historic run for cancer research support. This year, as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of that event, local organizers are again inviting residents and businesses to see the kick-off of the Terry Fox Run to honour the occasion. The short program will be on Friday morning, April 17 between 7:30 to 9 am at the Town Hall and will feature additional information on how everyone can get involved in this year’s run.

A Special Keynote Speaker

Oakville Terry Fox Run chair Pam Damoff says that this year’s keynote speaker will be Fred Fox, Terry Fox’s brother, and hence, is a rare opportunity for everyone interested to hear from a member of the Fox family as well as the Terry Fox’s Foundation’s manager of supporter relations.

Keri Schoonderwoerd, the Oakville event’s vice chair says that Fred will be sharing some personal stories about growing up with Terry plus what details he can remember from Terry’s journey during the 1980 Marathon of Hope.

Fred never misses an opportunity to thank everyone who has helped made the Terry Fox Foundation what it is now. He is very passionate about his role at the foundation and what the foundation stands for. He’s always the first to say that the volunteers and supporters are the persons responsible for keeping Terry’s dream alive and burning for the last 35 years.

Poised for Success

Will this year be a success? We surely hope so! The Oakville Terry Fox Run raised about $132,000 last year and broke records in terms of both dollars raised and attendance. As of today, the Oakville community run has raised an incredible $1.9 million in Terry’s name. All of that money helped fuel advances in the campaign against cancer and its research.

As for the event, the Town of Oakville is sponsoring the venue and Tim Horton’s is doing the same for the breakfast and free event. If you’re interested to drop by and be part of the event, simply send an email to You can form teams as a way to involve yourself, loved ones, or your business to be a part of the event and to further nurture your bonds with them with the shared commitment of giving back to the community. The kick-off event is some sort of introduction to the actual annual Terry Fox Run which takes place every September at the Coronation Park.

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