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Real estate prices are on the rise. From the beginning of January 2011 to January 2012 there were over 300 properties sold for $160m; the interesting thing is that there weren’t more Oakville homes for sale, but fewer than 2010. So people are paying more for Oakville real estate, and if you’re considering selling your home, one of our team members can help you get the best price.

2011 was a Good Year, What About 2012?

Those in the know are saying that 2012 will be about the same as 2011; higher prices for Oakville Real Estate and just as many Oakville homes for sale this year as there were last year. If you want to sell your home, it’s a good time! Detached (or standalone) homes accounted for about 70% of the whopping $160,000,000 in sales last year and 50% of the properties sold were standalone or detached houses. Since most of us live in a detached home, you’ll be able to get a great price. On the low end you’ll find $360,000 and on the high $1.3m; the average detached home in Glen Abbey goes for $724,000.

But not everyone wants to live in a house and prefer apartments or condos. Apartments in Glen Abbey accounted for about 25% of all properties sold and 13% of the sales figures for Oakville property for sale. Apartments range from $181,000 to $415,000 and average out at $239,000.  Of all of the detached homes that have sold in Glen Abbey this year, over 25% have sold over asking.  

Why is Oakville so Popular?

Compared to the national average housing market, Oakville real estate is doing really well. But why is it such a hotspot for new home owners? Here are a few reasons it’s a great place to live:

Great Neighbourhood: friendly neighbours and great schools with great lighting and parks where kids and pets can play make it a great place to live.

Great Houses: Most of the Oakville homes for sale that are going on the market right now are ones that have been remodelled and renovated.

Great Prices: Prices for Oakville real estate are still very light when compared with similar neighbourhoods. When people can get a deal on their dream home, they rush towards it.

Should You Buy or Sell Oakville Real Estate?

Before you decide to buy or sell Oakville real estate, you’ll want to consult with an Oakville realtor. They can help you understand the market conditions and prevent you from making a mistake (rushing into the market too soon or buying a home that’s just not right for you and your family. There are so many things that can affect the sale of your property like if you have recent renovations to the size of your porch and how many light fixtures you have in your dining room.

With an Oakville realtor from the Goodale Miller Team, you’ll get all the help you need to get the best price for your property and get it off the market quickly.

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