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PTMs, or Personal Teller Machines, are popping up all over Ontario. They’re a spin on traditional ATM machines but once you log in you can talk to a teller via video; this will give you access to all kinds of services that you’d get from walking into a bank... without having to go into a bank! They were initially introduced about two years ago but they haven’t caught on like many banks thought they would. Used mostly by credit unions that want to stay competitive, there are only about 8 in Ontario right now.

What Makes PTMs so Special?

They work like a Skype call – you’ll log in and you’ll have the option to ring up a teller. If you’re having trouble access your card, you need help scanning in a check or sending money you can talk to a Teller and get the help you need. It’s completely optional though, you can still use them just like any other ATM. One neat feature is they can dispense coins and that you won’t get stuck with a daily withdrawal limit to use your money.

Sometimes the Human Touch Helps

Sometimes you just want to talk to a person but you can’t get to the local branch – but it’s important to really have someone there when you need them. You just can’t get that kind of service with phone banking or a traditional ATM machine. That’s why these personal teller machines are really making a dent in the way people are doing banking. Different credit unions across the country are putting these up, and sooner or later they’re going to come to Oakville.

Do You Have to Use Video?

With the rise of skimming even in our neck of the woods, it never hurts to have that extra bit of help. It’s been shown that these machines do cut down on skimming and theft (no one wants to rob a machine or be caught on high definition cams in real time tampering with the equipment). If you want a safe and interactive experience, they can be the way to go! You don’t have to use the video though and you can use it like any other kind of ATM (just take advantage of the digital signature pad to cash checks and get change!)

Make Your Own Banking Experience

It’s a lot like choosing your own adventure – you should be able to change things and customize your banking experience. This is just one way that banking is getting a lot easier in Ontario and in Oakville in general. You’ll find more and more innovations happening in credit unions than with traditional banks, but whatever options you’re looking for you’ll find it in Oakville! We’re a community centred community that gives you all kinds of options.

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