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Most people think that there are so many rules about buying and selling real estate. One of those rules is that many believe that the best time to sell a house is during spring, thinking that people are generally too busy during the holidays to think about buying a home. It is also a common belief that people like to start things in the spring in preparation for the upcoming school year. The fact is, home buyers will buy a home whenever they are ready, no matter what season it is or time of the year. But, are there other good reasons to sell a house during the holidays?

Buyers are Usually More Serious

People who are looking for a new home before the end of the year want things done so they can start the following year right. They are serious about moving and want to do it as soon as possible.

Less Available Homes

Because there is typically less inventory of homes for sale during the holidays, there is less competition. This means that the chances of making a successful sale are much more especially if the property is in a coveted neighbourhood.

Tax Breaks

A move during the holidays can mean buyers can deduct interest costs, property taxes, and mortgage interest. These reductions can be a huge amount, giving buyers more incentive to buy a home during the holidays.

It is All About Looks

One of the best times to showcase a neighbourhood is around the holidays. People decorate their houses, neighbours are much friendlier, lights are a lot brighter, and everything just feels a lot cozier and warm despite the weather being cold in a lot of places. If a particular neighbourhood has a reputation for being a bit too bland, the holidays are a good time to try to sell a home from that neighbourhood.

Make the Home Extra Cozy

Selling a house around winter is the best time to play up its comfy and homey vibes. Bring out the hot chocolate, get the fireplace burning, have a pie baking or maybe some cookies, and invite prospective home buyers to a relaxed house showing. They’ll have more time to see the house, envision their next holidays in it, and feel as though they can really live in the home. In contrast to just a quick look around typical of spring showings, this is a more ‘connected’ way of selling a home.

Timing is Everything

The end of the year is usually a time of change. People get promoted, transferred to a new job, or just want to start fresh as early as the first of January. Listing a home for sale will not only get it sold quickly but will also be such a blessing for people who need a new home fast.

If you’re a home buyer, then know that one of the best times to buy a home is around the holidays. You’ll face less competition and have enough time to go over details during showings. If you’re a home seller, you’d be surprised at the number of serious home buyers around this time of the year, especially those who are looking for luxury homes in Oakville. Contact us to speak to our agents and we’ll help you stage your home, pick paint colours to showcase it, and more!


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