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For most homeowners, having almost everything customized when building a home means that the home will be more special and will fetch a good price; but can some customizations hurt rather than help? If you’re planning to sell your place later or just want to be on the loop regarding what’s the best real estate practices, just read on below to find out what luxury home customizations are actually frowned upon and seen as over the top by buyers.

Automation and Security Galore


Although almost every luxury homeowner wants to feel safe and secure and would value a home well planned with automated security in place, over-doing it can be a real flop. No one wants to come home to a house with over 20 remote controls and 3 access codes just to close the blinds right? Plenty of security cameras can make the house feel creepy or like a museum instead of a beautiful luxury home.

A Real Home Theatre


There was a time when having a home theatre is a major selling point but that time has passed. A home theatre with all the works can be seen as trying too hard and can turn buyers away. If you really want one, opt for a simpler style and ditch the stadium seating.

Gigantic Bathtubs


The era of having your very own Jacuzzi at the bathroom is long gone. These days, homeowners prefer a normal sized tub and a good-sized shower. If you are really itching to have your bathroom have a customized look and feel, experts says that the best investment you can do is to wall off the toilet area and make it really separate from the bath. That is surely an investment that will turn up a great ROI in later years.

Landscaping to the Nines


Beautifully designed grounds makes a home really stand out but there is also such a thing as too much landscaping. Not everyone wants to come home to a jungle. These days, the most sought-after homes when it comes to curb appeal are those with a clean cut yard plus minimal shrubs and bushes.

Pool Extravaganza


A beautiful and elegant pool is one thing, but having a mini water park at your back yard can send buyers packing. That waterfall you added may look good for you but a future buyer may think its high maintenance and might get put off by it.

Special Materials


High-end materials may make your home look too garish instead of tastefully decorated. When choosing materials, it is better to stick to neutral colour palettes and simple elegant lines or you would risk having the home look too much YOU. That’s a good thing if you are sure you will live at the home for a good 20-30 years but if you are planning to sell within a few years, your future buyers may feel that the home is ‘too busy’ to ever accommodate their own style.

Supersized Rooms


Sure, converting 2 bedrooms into a single bedroom sounds like a great idea but doing so may affect your future ability to sell. Homebuyers typically look at the number of rooms of every listing and every extra bedroom is a selling point. Converting rooms into something else may not do you any favors down the road.

The Man Cave


Like the home theatre, having a man cave makes a home look and feel outdated. If you absolutely must have a space for the man of the house, a study or home office is a much more versatile and current option which buyers are on the look-out for. Just convert the study desk to a poker table come game night.

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