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Know the old adage “Waste not want not.”? Maybe you got a gift you didn’t like and didn’t want to return, maybe you didn’t want to go through the trouble of dealing with Kijiji. Whatever it is, Canadians on average threw out between 10 and 20 items on average that they could have sold or regifted. That’s anywhere from $100 to $1000 on average, and that’s a lot of change. For 2013, why not think more about saving more, giving more and not throwing out so much stuff that can have some use!

Selling Locally

With options like Kijiji, consignment shops and even Craigslist you won’t have to worry about shipping fees; a recent survey by the Toronto Star showed that most Canadians prefer to buy from buyer to buyer. As long as the person you sell or barter with is in your area you cut down on carbon emissions, get rid of some clutter and get money all at the same time.

How Much Clutter do You Have?

The first thing you’re going to want to do is assess your clutter level. How cluttered is just too cluttered? Are you ever going to wear those banana yellow capris pants again? Probably not. Ask yourself why you’re throwing things away, if it’s not broken and not dirty, chances are you can sell it instead of throwing it away.

How Much is Your Stuff Worth?

No one wants to try and sell their stuff high, especially when it comes to competitive marketplaces like Kijiji. If you are going to sell something it can be hard to put a price on it. Do some research online to see if you can find any information about anyone else that’s trying to sell it (that’s what consignment and pawn shops do after all) and you’ll be able to gauge what its worth is. Don’t be afraid to go OBO or best offer, letting people gauge a price for you.

Take Lots of Pictures

If you want to declutter and make money, take tons of pictures of your items! We’re visual creatures and the better a look we can get at something before we buy it the more we’re likely to pay. You’ll find a lot of different stuff on Kijiji, but know that over 10 million Canadians see the homepage each month so you’ll be able to reach a wide audience.

If you’re moving, getting rid of stuff from 2012, or just want to clear some more space for more stuff, why throw it away? You can get rid of things you no longer want or need and get some money in the process, so again why throw all your stuff away? If you don’t want to sell, consider donating reusable items and building materials to the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. If you do sell, remember to opt for cash only transactions and give them a handwritten receipt if they ask for one.

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