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Everyone has had a restoration dream of some kind or another, but when it comes to Oakville luxury real estate avoiding restoration drama can be harder than it seems. Here we’re going to talk about what you can do to create a warm and lively home without losing your mind and draining your bank account. Like everything else, a little planning can go such a long way when it comes to restorations. Don’t get caught up in the stuff that doesn’t matter, follow your dreams and follow your plans, you’ll be able to get through it!

Plan, Plan, Plan Some More

Did I mention planning? Planning is your best friend when it comes to building an addition, restoring a home or basically changing anything in your home that’s going to cost you money. Maybe you’re planning on buying luxury Oakville real estate and restoring a house to its original condition… but do you have a plan? Making a plan, gathering written estimates, understanding the total cost including the purchase price is going to help you make the most of any luxury home purchase. If you’re just buying an early ‘40s home with the intent to restore all those brass fixtures and crown mouldings, know the price before you buy! Plan, plan, plan!

Shop Around

There’s nothing wrong with getting the best deal, and while you may have to wait an extra month to find the right firm for the job, you’ll be able to proceed knowing that these are the right people for the job. Don’t just make your decision on cost alone, look at everything they bring to the project like:

  • Experience – Experience in the industry should be a major factor. A contractor that hasn’t had much experience may charge less, but they may also make more costly mistakes that you have to worry about paying for later.
  • Work Samples – Every firm should be able to supply work samples to show you what a home looked like before and after a restoration. Are they able to integrate modern elements? If there’s been a disaster (flood, fire, wind, etc.) were they able to restore the home to the original condition? Things like these are what you need to worry about, they should have a portfolio of pictures to check out.
  • LOCAL References – LOCAL. Yes, they need to have references from other Oakville real estate owners in the area that you can speak with, and if possible, to look at how the work is holding up over time.

Restoration drama happens, but it can be avoided with a little planning and by making sure that the contractor or firm that does your restoration and remodelling knows what they’re doing. When you know, you’ll know. Just be careful about who you work with and if you’re buying a property to restore it. Know the total cost, don’t suffer sticker shock when you can get a handle on things before they get to that point!

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