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The Russian multi-millionaire Roman Abramovich’s super luxury yacht Eclipse has officially been ‘eclipsed’ by Azzam, the newest titan in the superyacht universe.

The Azzam is 590 feet long yacht, making it 57 feet longer than Abramovich’s yacht called the Eclipse. In fact, the Azzam is longer than a football filled and larger than the United State’s Arleigh Burke, a navy cruise ship standing out among others due to its highly extensive capacity.

The Birth of a New World Record

Building a giant like the Azzam took 3 years, in which time period the Azzam was literally kept as a secret to surprise the public. The owner of this superyacht is not known, though if speculations are to be believed, the owner is a billionaire living in the Middle East.

This mighty superyacht was released from a shipyard located in Bremen, Germany recently with the help of powerful tugboats, which were dwarfed compared to the superyacht.

Luxury at its Finest

The building of the yacht costs a jaw-dropping 605 million dollars. According to superyacht author G. Bruce, a yacht’s maintenance alone, costs at least 10 percent of its total building costs - this means that the Azzam would cost its owner 60 million dollars each year just for the maintenance.

The idea of building the Azzam came from Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi who is an expert when it comes to building luxurious yachts. The engineering of the yacht was done by the premier shipbuilding company Lurssen, located in Germany. The outside designs were made by Nauta Yachts while the interior designs were handled by Christophe Leoni.

Currently, there is not much information about the interior designs of the Azzam. In fact, according to a spokesperson of Lurssen, the yacht is still being constructed and they are not sure if reporters will be allowed to acquire information about the Azzam or to view the interiors.

According to experts, the interior designs of Azzam can surpass that of the former superyacht Eclipse, which consists of a disco, a cinema, a mini-submarine capable of diving up to 150 feet below the surface, 2 swimming pools, and 2 helipads. Its master bedroom is cocooned by bullet-proof glasses and armor platings. It even has its own missile system, so James Bond would love this yacht!

The Azzam is reported as having very luxurious and sophisticated interior designs reminiscent of the glamorous turn of the century Empire style. According to Christophe Leoni, even though he does not specialize in yachting, he can promise that the interior designs will be more than the owner’s expectations. Peter Seyfferth also commented by saying that due to the Azzam’s size, it will surely look sleek and elegant once done.

The Fastest super Yacht Ever Made

In spite of having an enormous size and length, the yacht can still travel at high speed. It can travel for up to 34 mph, which makes it the fastest superyacht on sea.

The Azzam is the current title holder of being the largest yacht. Before the Eclipse, it was Saudi’s royal family’s 482 feet long Prince Abdulaziz which held the record for twenty two years. Prior to that, it was the 454 feet long Rising Sun owned by businesswomen Larry Ellison that holds the title. Due to the numerous billionaires nowadays who persevere to be included in history books, no one can guess how long will the Azzam will remain on top. Previous luxury yachts world title holders are now but a footnote in the Azzam’s wake. For now, the owner of Azzam can enjoy his superyacht while most people can just dream of spending a day or night in the super yacht.

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