Posted 3.22.13 @ 7:40 by: Staff

If you’re searching for creative ways to sell your Oakville home, you may be tempted to go all out on designer trends. You may be remodelling and redesigning your home right now just so you cans ell it down the road, but if you give into today’s design trends you’re going to have trouble tomorrow selling your home. Buyers will also be able to figure out when you bought the home or last updated by little things you wouldn’t believe. If you want to make your home interesting to buyers, you’re going to need to go beyond the current design trends.

Wall Paper Schmall-Paper

Wall paper was great in the 80s for design, and it’s back again with a vengeance. But is it the right choice to sell your home? Do you really want to deal with pulling all of that off the walls when you want to sell your home? While you can always find temporary wallpaper solutions, it may not be cost effective. Never underestimate the power that of a few coats of new paint can have your home. Neutral colours are the best choice when doing this. You don’t want to go overboard with bright colours that don’t make your home inviting to buyers looking for Oakville real estate.

Shag Carpets?

Honestly any type of carpet needs to go. You don’t want these in your home when you sell it. If you’re going to be living here for a while before you sell, think about investing in some great rugs and floor coverings instead. These can end up helping you save money in the long run. When you remove carpet from a home you’ll have to deal with carpet nails, holes in the floor and having the floors refinished. If you have concrete or a subfloor you may even have to install an entirely new hardwood floor.

The good think about getting the carpet out is that you can get 2-3x your investment back when you sell your South or North Oakville real estate.

Get Rid of Old Appliances

Appliances are just like wallpaper; people can tell when you last remodelled and put money into your home by the colour of your appliances. Peach wallpaper brings us to the 80s and avocado green and harvest gold appliances bring us back to the 70s and 80s too. You’re going to want to remove these and replace them with one of two things: modern or energy saving (both if you can find the right fit). Modern stainless steel appliances will last a lifetime and will attract buyers willing to spend. They’ll need to be energy efficient to accommodate the many green-buyers flooding the Oakville real estate market.

What’s in today with design is out tomorrow. Remember those ghastly 90s earth tones? Remember how the 00’s had everything in muted blues, greens and whites? Who knows what design trends are around the corner, but the best thing you can do to sell your Oakville real estate is to make sure that you make your home timeless.

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