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You think you’ve finally found the perfect home; the home has everything you’ve been looking for – an open layout, marble bathroom, floor to ceiling windows with a great view of Lake Ontario and more.

But then the question bubbles up: “How is this going to work for the cats/dogs/pets?” It’s a nagging questions that pops up often, especially in the luxury real estate market, when you’re thinking about buying a home. Five years ago you’d be hard pressed to find more than a few niche developers or builders that knew what every member of your family needed to live in comfort.

But over time, demographics have changed. With many Canadians delaying marriage and even electing not to have children, many homebuyers are searching for properties with heated floors, custom wash stations and other pet plusses, not activity rooms for the kids. And with so many developers and builders competing for your dollars, many are sparing no cost to spoil the pooch and their humans. 

Four Legged Family Matters

You know it, we know it, and the builders most certainly know how important pets have become to everyone. Many Canadians see their four legged family as the most important members of their family, which means the home they eventually buy has to reflect that. Pet ownership across all segments of the population, every income group, every age range, is on the rise.

Almost 70% of Canadian households had a pet in 2012 – and the pet market has blossomed into a billion dollar industry that just can’t be ignored.

This has spawned a new generation architects, builders and designers that cater to both the two and four legged members of households. Creating fantastical, whimsical designs that fulfill everyone’s needs – not to mention the more practical aesthetic that won’t stray too far from the beaten path.

Some go as far as to spend tens of thousands of dollars to build doggy beauty salons so their pooches don’t have to go out into that cruel, cruel winter or plop their unmanicured paws onto hot concrete.

Condos Fit for a King

Most of the development is taking place in condos – especially with the upscale, multi-family buildings. According to industry leaders the requests for pet friendly homes began about 10 years ago, and they’ve only increased year on year ever since.

Some buildings go so far to accommodate pet owners by including dog friendly flooring, high tech doggy doors and runs that keep them active and comfortable. But developers have to be careful to balance all those pet friendly features in a way that doesn’t put people without pets off.

While we can’t help you pick the best high tech whizbangs for your pets, we can help you find a great home that will suit both their needs and your own. Give us a call today and see the difference that the best Oakville luxury realtors in town can make for you!

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