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Have you ever wondered who owns the world’s most expensive homes and where they are located? Below is a list of the Top 5 Billion Homes from all over the world. With outstanding features and beautiful architecture, these billion dollar homes are not only elegant, they also have the most fascinating histories.

One Hyde Park Penthouse


One Hyde Park in London is worth an estimated $15.4 billion. It's penthouse, a 2 storey apartment, was purchased in 2011 by Rinat Akhemetov for $221 million. One fascinating thing about One Hyde Park is that the whole place is entirely covered by bullet proof glass. Yes, all 25,000 square feet of it. Maybe being Ukraine’s wealthiest man, Akhemetov needs all the protection he can get. The apartment has other perks as well. It has a 24 hours hotel concierge service to make the owner’s guests feel really special.

Kensington Palace Gardens


The Kensington Palace Gardens in London has a value which is placed at $16.4 billion today, way bigger than the $222 million used to purchase it back in 2008. The real wow factor is for all its jaw-dropping billion dollar value, it is only one of the 3 luxury homes which steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal owns in Billionaire’s Row in London.

Fair Field


The 29 bedroom Fair Field property in the Hamptons New York is owned by the industrial billionaire Ira Rennert. With an estimated value of $6.5 billion today, this sprawling luxury property has a power plant and 3 exclusive pools within its gated walls. Built for entertaining, it has a 91 feet long dining room, 39 bathrooms and tennis courts too.

Villa Leopolda


Bought and renovated in 2008 at a total cost of $750 million, the Villa Leopolda in France is now worth more than $1.2 billion. The juicy scoop about this elegant home is that it is only one of a series of waterfront luxury homes which King Leopold of Belgium built for his mistresses when it was first made.

The Antilia


The Antilia got its unique name from a famed mythical island in the Atlantic. Valued at $1 billion at the time of its construction, the Antilia is a modern home which is built like a skyscraper with 27 storeys, 3 helipads, and 6 uderground levels of parking space. At this gargantuan size, you would think that the owner and his family must be composed of at least a few scores of people, but owner Mukesh Ambani’s family comprises of only 6 individuals. It doesn’t get lonely at their palatial home though, as they have a staff of 600 people to keep them company and floating gardens to gaze upon.

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