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If you’re buying or selling Oakville real estate, it’s time to think about colour. If you’re selling you’re going to want to talk to a stager so you don’t go too wild with your colours, and if you’re buying a design consultation can really help you understand if this space is the right space for you. White and unpainted walls can be very unattractive to people who are trying to buy and people who’ve already bought a home, so it’s important to figure out how to bring out the colour, so let’s get started!

Get Your Timing Right

When it comes to painting your walls and surfaces, timing is everything. Painting in cold and humid weather (below 0c) can interfere with how much the paint will bond to surfaces. You’re going to want to make sure that you get the painting done before the home is staged or you move your furnishings in (after the home inspectors and appraisers do their thing always works!) with at least a few days to let the paint dry.

Get Inspired

If you want the colours and design of your Oakville real estate to really pop, it’s time to get inspired. Art, prints and mural can give you that extra pop that really increases the interplay between design and décor. Large area rugs, textiles and patterns are making a comeback – why be chained to boring beiges when you can find the balance between too much and too little?

It’s not just about your walls and your furniture though! Think about doors, trims, even your floors – all of these can give you a way to express yourself and attract buyers. It’s important to really explore what your options are for your Oakville home for sale. More and more global influences are creeping into design, but you’ll want to avoid being too “trendy”. This is why you’ll want to work with a designer if you’re selling your home; that way you’ll be able to pull off a good mix of current and timeless.

What Colour Are You?

If you’re buying a home, you’ll want to figure out what colours suit you best. If you’re selling, you’re going to want to stick to neutrals (but a beige haze isn’t necessary), but neutral brights are a great way to sell year round.

If you’re working with a stager you’ll want to consult with them before you paint – many stagers will throw in the paint as part of the service, but you don’t want a cool set of colours for your walls and warm furnishings (it’ll look too busy!)

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