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We all know Marlon Brando as the dashing actor but how many of you know that he also tried his hand in the business of running a hotel? Today’s article will take you to Marlon Brando’s Tahitian getaway paradise. Read on below and hop in for the ride!

Aptly Named

If you’d known how Marlon Brando acquired his Tahitian island hideaway, you’d be awash with thoughts of romantic escapades and delicious nights frolicking in the sand while the still warm tropical waters caress your feet. There was a time when the actor was filming a movie and happened to fall in-love with his Tahitian co-star, the actress Terita Teriipaia. They got married, had children, and then bought the Teti’aroa atoll in 1970. This is the beginnings of the boutique resort Desire featured today.

After two decades of managing the pristine atoll as a mini hotel and resort, Marlon Brando was contacted by the travel mogul and expat entrepreneur Richard Failey. Failey saw how he could turn the island property into something as grand and as glamorous as Marlon Brando’s fame and went ahead to add his magic touch to it. In just 5 years, the Brando resort is now sporting 36 bungalows which rents for $4,000 to $11,000 per night (yes, that’s per night!) and catering to the rich and famous personas from all over the world.

A Real Retreat

Much of the island’s appeal to the paparazzi-followed crowd is that it is basically paparazzi-proof. The likes of DiCaprio, Jolie, Radcliffe, Stewart, Gomez, and Swift would have no problem blending in with other A-lister types in this paparazzi-free haven. Much of the reason is the island’s remote location. It is an island-hopper ride away from Papeete, which in itself is pretty remote being 5 hours away from Hawaii.

Splendid Facilities

The Brando (the name the resort also goes by, as chosen by the actor’s heirs and the developer) features luxurious 2 and 3 bedroom bungalows with price ranging from $4,000 to $11,000. Each bungalow has its own private pool and mini beach. Room service is available 24 hours a day, no exceptions. How’s that for owning an island for a night?

It is not just the above which makes the facilities splendid. The resort is LEED platinum-rated. Yes, that means The Brando features the highest environmental-sustainability there is as well.  Add to that the fact that there are 3 bars and 2 restaurants in the island, plus a spa, it really does embody all that you’ll ever want in an island paradise.

For those wanting a touch of adventure, guests can try their hand at being a biologist for a day by participating in the island-funded study of giant trevally where biologists catch the fish and tag them to be again released in the wild. It’s not all party but you’ll end up enjoying your time at The Brando. It is impossible not to.

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