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Buying the right home when you’re confronted with a sea of options can be tough, but we can help! The first thing you need to do is to consider just what you’re looking for. Do you want to a place that caters to your love of nightlife, or do you need somewhere to find a little peace and quiet? These are the things you have to think about when looking for the right home. Some people only want to live in X neighbourhood because they head good things about it, but there may be other neighbourhoods just like it or better. You need to be flexible in the search for the perfect home; it’s not a stretch to say that over time your idea will change.

What’s Your Idea of the Right Home?

Think about what you want in a home. Do you need a maintenance-free condo where everything is taken care of for you, or do you want a big house for all of your collections and children? Do you want a small home with a garden, or would you rather look over a beautiful view of Lake Ontario every morning? Do you need good schools for your children, or do you need to be close to transit or work?

These are the things that will shape your idea of the perfect home. You may get hung up on a certain thing you see in one home, but remember that most Canadians will see at least a dozen homes in the first month of searching.

Three Things to Think About

Here are the three keys to a perfect piece of Oakville real estate:

Good Neighbourhood: One man’s perfect neighbourhood will be another’s nightmare. Don’t be afraid to explore different neighbourhoods, whether it be North Oakville or South Oakville real estate and see what they have to offer. One of the most important things you can do is to go out and explore the neighbourhood. See what the neighbours think about things, and try and puzzle out why the seller is moving. If taxes are about to hike soon, it’s helpful for you to know what you’ll be facing.

Good Schools: Are the schools good? Even if you don’t have children good schools can help you out a great deal. Good schools have a multitude of activities that keep kids busy and that means you won’t have to deal with a random tagging of your car or other mischief. Neighbourhoods with good schools in general are just friendlier.

Great Homes: If the home you’re looking at is perfect, that’s good. If the houses around it aren’t nearly as impressive you need to consider that you may not have an exit strategy for this home. You want a home that you can sell if you need to, and the best home on the block is a tough sell. Always think to the future to see if you’ll be able to sell the home for at least the same amount of money you paid for it.

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