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There are countless websites that will promise to help you bring up the value of your Oakville real estate, but is it possible? Some will tell you that you should try and charm the appraiser with stories about your home or you should try and even bribe them; don’t do it. You’re not going to be able to sway their opinion this way and honestly they just won’t care about these types of things. You’re going to need to put real value into your home to bring up your appraisal price.

Why Are Appraisals Important?

When you’re trying to sell your home, you’re going to need an appraisal t assess the value of the home. The buyer’s bank may also appraise the house, and if their appraiser says the home is worth less than your appraiser, you can run into some trouble. There are many factors that affect appraisals like:

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important when it comes to appraising a home. You can get this by having the windows, paths, gutters and exterior power washed before the appraiser makes their visit. If your home has flowerboxes and planters, fill them with flowers. Appeal plays a big part in buyers minds, and an appraiser will take this into account when looking at your home.


Cleanliness is important with a home appraisal; too often people think that an appraiser is just looking at the structure but not at the home as a whole. If you want a good appraisal for your Oakville real estate it can pay to have professional cleaning done (or just tidy up on your own) before the appraisal happens. A clutter free space will lend your house a larger and more open feel.


Notables are important things; location can be a notable, or proximity to fitness clubs, parks and good schools can be notables too. You want to keep it to fact based plusses instead of talking about how you had your first child in this house. Think of amenities and perks that will make people want to live here.


Look at homes around you that are on the market or have recently sold and make a list. This will help you understand what kind of appraisal value you will be facing. You’ll want to have this list ready to hand to the appraiser; they should know what the effective price is for the area but you never know.

Hide the Pets

Pets can (but shouldn’t) affect the value that an appraiser will give you for your Oakville real estate. If you can’t let them stay at a friend’s for the day, keep them contained in an area so that the appraiser isn’t put off by being nipped at by a dog.

Selling your home is tough, but we can help! We’ll walk you through the selling process from appraisals, staging, showing and all the way through until your home is sold.

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