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The future looks amazing for Oakville! This news isn’t just for those seeking to buy luxury real estate in Oakville but for everyone residing in it and nearby areas more so when it comes to business matters.

Bright Economic Update

Mayor Rob Burton was in a Q and Asession during his Economic Update together with other notable persons such as Aby Alameddine, past chair of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce. During the Q and A hosted by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, he said that as far as business risks goes, the future is looking great for Oakville. The update was shared to an auditorium filled with 320 of Oakville’s politicians, business leaders, and police force.

Burton added that there seems to be no real barrier to Oakville’s further success, barring Trump – a joke that made people laugh. He also said that Oakville is currently aiming for the perfect balance of growth, not too slow nor too fast, a plan that he said is easier to accomplish now that the Ontario Municipal Board has been abolished and therefore Oakville can steer its own growth.

More Growth Means Better Future

Burton touched on the new developments in town, including businesses. He mentioned that Aviva is welcoming 700 new employees, the new Metrolink facility at the Oakville GO station is finally completed, virtual Logistics, Loracian Strategic Infrastructure Solutions, PCL construction, Taibo Pharma, and ROMCO Corporation are coming in, and the new Melrose Business Park Industrial Development near QEW.

Note that PCL construction is the largest in Canada and will build the new library which will be at Neyagawa Boulevard and Dundas Street. They’ll build modular sections off-site and then will bolt all seven parts together to create one building. Their move from Toronto brought 500 jobs to Oakville.

Toronto is a major business mover for Oakville, as businesses get taxed 30% more in Toronto as compared to Oakville, prompting some to simply relocate. In view of this, mayor Burton shared that Ford will have a major announcement this year. With luck, Oakville might also become home to Amazon’s second headquarters.

The Future for Oakville

Growth for Oakville is a product of Oakville being a great place to set up business in, with a high rate of secondary school completion and higher education degrees as well as low poverty and amazing green space. The new Oakville hospital is in the run to be a Life Sciences High Tech District too.

Transportation is big as well, with electric buses being a real possibility in 2019 plus a lot of road projects including resurfacing of about 30 kilometers of road and new traffic lights which will be programmed to talk o each other to improve traffic flow. What an exciting time! Oakville will definitely have a new improved city-scape by 2020.

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