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How does exploring the oldest parts of Oakville sound to you? If you’re looking for a spine tingling hour-long adventure mixed in with a dash of old Oakville history, then Oakville Historical Society’s Ghost Walks is a must-try seasonal attraction for you!

Oakville Ghost Walk

You still have a few more days to celebrate Halloween with the Oakville Historical Society by joining a scary guided walk exploring the oldest parts of Oakville. Don’t worry, the fun activity is suitable for young children as well as youth groups like Brownies, Guides, Cubs, and Scouts.

Educational interpreter Michael Brown shares that although he has never seen a ghost in 10 years working at the Oakville Museum, he’s heard numerous stories of people who have. After all, the Oakville Museum is at Erchless Estate which is said to have 9 ghosts, one of which is Rebecca Chisholm, the former lady of the grand house.

Ghostly Stories

The ghost lady was married to William Chisholm, one of Oakville’s founding fathers who is a businessman and shipbuilder. Another ghost said to be haunting the Erchless Estate is the Chisholm’s butler Christopher Columbus Lee, an Underground Railroad survivor.

There are many more local ghostly stories that attendees can hear about at the Ghost Walks, mostly revolving around the downtown heritage district.  Even if you’re not into spooky tales, the historical aspect of the tour is worth it. The Ghost Walks are a fun way to learn about Oakville’s history, particularly about the 1800’s.

Of course, there’s no saying what the weather will be like on any given night. This adds to the appeal of the walk as attendees will be enjoying the walk with just lanterns. After the walk, attendees can stay in the cottages for more stories plus some cookies and coffee.

Wendy Belcher of the historical society shares that the hundreds who sign up for the walks often still want to go even when the weather isn’t ideal. Somehow the walks are more enjoyable as the old buildings creak and sway when there’s a strong wind. Isn’t that extra spooky?

Important Details for Interested Parties

The annual tradition is scheduled for the last two weeks of October until the 29th this year and has slots for multiple batches in the evening. You can choose to go at 6:00 p.m., 7:15 p.m., or 8:00 p.m.

The Oakville Ghost Walks start at 110 King Street. Interested parties are advised to book early as attendees usually peak the week before Halloween. You may call 905-844-2695 if you have some inquiries. The Ghost Walks are very affordable and infants get to go for free. Children are charged $12 each and adults can attend at $12 per person. You can visit for more information.

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