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With how things are going on in China’s stock market, it seems that Chinese investors are looking for more stable options for investing, and Canada is perceived as the prime place to be that offers both economic and political stability. This is indeed great news, more so for a neighbourhood of luxury homes located in Calgary - cited as the most possible area where the majority of luxury real estate sales will take place as a result of this development.


Some experts predict that buyers from mainland China are going to be making a bee-line for Canada’s luxury real estate this fall; an event that will result to a rise in the sales of million dollar homes in Vancouver and Toronto. The realtor also adds that the luxury market will be more stable in Montreal whilst slowing down in Calgary because of the crashing crude prices.

Experts further predicts that although the highest sales volume for Vancouver and Toronto will be in the $1 million to $4 million range as expected, the highest sales gain will be in the $4 million category.

But what precipitated all these sales growth from foreign investors in the two most sought-after real estate areas in Canada? Experts lists heightened consumer confidence, low interest rate, and limited inventory coupled with a high demand as the main culprits.

Real Estate Trends

Sales in Calgary is likely to keep on declining, following the trend from earlier this year. This trend is influenced by a decrease in consumer confidence and decreasing oil prices and is analysed as a trend that resulted from the effect that the oil and gas industry has on migration and employment.

Global stock markets continue to be volatile in the remaining months of the year, and it is predicted that this would lead to an influx of international buyers to the Canadian luxury home market.

But why so? What makes Canada such a target for international investors?

Foreign investors, particularly the Chinese, sees Canada as an oasis of economic and political stability despite the fact that our country’s economy has slipped into a sort of recession earlier this year and that Western Canada will still suffer from the blows of low oil prices in the months ahead.

Although there has been a lot of concern around the uncertainty on what’s going to happen next and what would be the fate of the Canadian economy, the country is still blessed that when it comes to real estate. The people and foreign investors remain very confident about how things are more so in the huge metropolitan markets of Toronto and Vancouver. Now, isn’t that something to smile about?

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