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Need to do research on property? Have a problem you need to report?

What about a question of ethics (you suspect waste, dishonesty or fraud) or need some help?

The City of Oakville’s website has launched new online tools and a brand new ethics and efficiency hotline that makes connecting with the resources you need a snap. 

Oakville’s own Mayor Rob Burton is pleased that these resources are finally available to the community. From a recent Town Council press release he said: “Our new online services enhance opportunities for our residents and stakeholders to access information, get involved and share their thoughts and observations with us... Council is committed to being open, accessible, and accountable. One example is the launch of our Open Data Catalogue, which taps into the innovation in our community and will help transform data into winning ideas, services and applications that can make a difference in people’s lives.”

What New Services are Available?

It doesn’t matter how efficient in-person services are, if they’re not available 24/7, 365 days a year they’re not all that helpful right?

That’s why the goal of these new online tools and the hotline are to give Oakvillians instant, always on access to information and services, wherever and whenever they need them.

ServiceOakville Online

An existing service on the Oakville website. It’s now added a new online “Report a Problem” tool for all of your non-emergency requests (trash pick-up, sidewalk and road maintenance, graffiti issues, etc. etc.) You can find the Report a Problem tool here.

The New Open Data Catalog

These datasets allow everyone from citizens, businesses and even organizations to take advantage of all the data that the City of Oakville has collected. Private information and material that isn’t owned by the town isn’t included in these datasets, only information that can be used in innovative and productive ways has been included in these datasets.

The New Ethics and Efficiency Hotline

This hotline is both online and by phone, giving citizens a way to suggest new ways for the city and its employees to be efficient and more open. Spot an incidence of waste, dishonesty or inefficiency? Let the city know by checking out the Ethics and Efficiency Hotline page here.

These are just a few of the new features expected to roll out over the next few years. Oakville city representatives say that this is just another step in the direction of becoming a community that promotes open, accessible and accountable government in all sectors.

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