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Many of you have probably seen that article making the rounds about the condo owner that didn’t understand why she had to pay a $1500 assessment to give the staff holiday bonuses – after all, shouldn’t a small part of all your monthly dues go to that at the end of the year? What if you hate the doorman, what if he likes to smoke indoors and is absent minded about who he lets into the elevator? Do you really want to face the inevitable “Wrath of the Staff” for failing to tip appropriately?

Most Condos Give Holiday Bonuses

And there’s nothing wrong with that – after all, it’s been shown that bonuses based on performance in the service industry will not only boost morale, but boost results too! The only problem here is how the condo board decided to go about it.

According to David Hawkings, a condo expert that hops between Toronto and NYC often, special assessments aren’t a bad thing, at least when used correctly. “Special assessments are usually used to pay for unexpected repairs on a building when the reserve fund is empty… But when a condo board turns to a special assessment to pay a holiday bonus, something is probably wrong here.”

Most Condos Plan in Advance

While most condos do give staff holiday bonuses (it’s one of the few industries where monetary rewards actually WORK!), most plan it into the budget. From the article, the concerned condo owner was worried that her 40 unit building paying $1500 each would end up giving the staff a $6000 bonus each – which isn’t all that bad if they’re deserving of it.

But it’s not the money that she should actually be concerned about, but why they couldn’t figure out how much money they needed earlier. When your condo board can’t plan that far ahead, you need to start worrying. You can’t get out of paying your assessment though, not unless you want to end up in collections and with a potential lien held against your property just because you didn’t agree with the amount of a tip.

Do You Have to Tip Staff?

You don’t have to tip the staff, but it certainly is good form to do so. Tips aren’t necessarily obligations, and we won’t get into the social demands and niceties of “how much” and “when”, but just another way to show service providers that you appreciate their service.

If you’ve already tipped and have to tip again, consider paying your assessment with a note stating that just like employee and staff wages, holiday bonuses need to be factored into the budget. Special assessments should be reserved for major things like roof repairs, maintenance and other issues to keep the building in good standing (literally!).

While we can’t tell you the appropriate tip for the doorman or porter in your building, we can help you find a great luxury condo stuffed to the brim with all the amenities you could (reasonably!) ever want. Check out our listings of great luxury condominiums for sale in the Oakville area today!

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