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If you have a pool and want your pool area to be your new favourite hangout place this summer, then know that there are doable pool-enhancing tips to help you achieve that. Nearly any pool area can be transformed into a crowd pleaser where your friends and family will love to hang out. To maximise how you can use and enjoy your poolside area, be sure to apply the tips below!

Add Some Shade

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Although getting a lot of sun is great, there will be a day when it is too hot and won’t be too friendly for your skin. Add some shade to make sure that you and future guests can enjoy the outdoors without getting burnt to a crisp. A shaded area is also perfect for candlelit dinners with your special someone.

Build a Pavilion

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A pavilion that can house your poolside dining and barbecue area will free up space near your house and make your poolside layout better suited for entertaining.

Consider a Day Bed

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A day bed in your poolside will give you a vacation feel that’s perfect for when you simply want to relax and unwind. You can use this area to read a book, sip some wine, or maybe listen to some soft music.

Add a Secluded Poolside Escape

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Create a private poolside cabana or maybe a mini gazebo with its own pathway from your pool. By doing so, you’ll give yourself and your guests a private area to retreat to as well as add flair to your poolside area.

Create an Oasis

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Deck your poolside with lush greenery and natural stones to transform it into an outdoor retreat that’s close to nature. Wouldn’t you love to have your very own oasis right in your yard?

Don’t Forget Comfort

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You won’t want to spend time near the pool if it isn’t comfortable and relaxing. If there is a spot you particularly like, add your own seating area or lounge area there so that you can use it as your pamper spot most days.

Choose Privacy

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Adding a wall to cancel out possible noise and for privacy from your neighbours is a great idea. You can create a mini waterfall feature to get the wall to blend in or maybe have a huge trellis with climbing vines. If you add some dramatic lighting, this wall might even become your favorite poolside feature at night!

Maximise Small Space

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If your poolside area is quite small, you can try dividing it into several zones with the use of elevation and decking. By creating a fire pit area, a garden area, and a lounge area, you will get to use the limited you have to its full potential. This is also a way to create multiple hangouts which will be particularly useful if you’re planning to entertain a lot in the future. Imagine decorating each area based on a theme for your future parties! Wouldn’t that be fun?

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