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Looking for a budding or new community where you can truly grow roots? Or do you love the environment and want to live in a community where nature is part of the community planning? Then go see Glenorchy in Oakville!

One of the New Neighbourhoods in Town

Oakville Glenorchy

Bordered by Highway 407 to the North, Dundas Street to the South, Sixteen Mile Creek to the west, and Trafalgar Road to the East, Glenorchy is one of North Oakville’s fastest growing community and small wonder why! With plenty of open spaces, village squares, retail stores, and neighbourhood parks, this family-friendly town-like neighbourhood truly feels like home!

Homes are built in a high-style way and is awaiting its projected 50,000 new residents over the next 20 or so years. Not only that, but the community is a planned one which highlights environmentally sensitive features. Glenorchy is transit-friendly, walkable, has plenty of natural open spaces, employment lands, commercial buildings, dense urban cores, and is designed to be a place filled with carefully laid-out residential, employment, commercial, institutional, and natural open spaces with approximately 35,000 jobs for residents.

Green! Green! Green!

Oakville glenorchy2

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Heard of New York’s 340 hectares Central Park, Vancouver’s 400 hectares Stanley Park, and Toronto’s 160 hectares High Park? Well, Glenorchy has the natural Heritage System (NHS) – a 900 hectares area of green space fed by Sixteen Mile Creek and Bronte Creek. That space alone is all those 3 parks put together! With its own river, scenic nature trails, and lots of greenery, NHS is sure to become one of the biggest nature attractions in this part of Canada! Residents will surely be treated to a daily dose of beautiful wildlife as well as greenery.

Healthy Living

oakville sports complex

Oakville’s new communities like Glenorchy were designed to promote healthy living; which is why the new Sixteen Mile Sports Complex was established at the North Park Development Project. The sports complex features fitness programs, sports fields, ice-skating, ice hockey, splash pads, gymnasiums, and other sports and fitness related needs which North Oakville residents may want to have access to.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Commuting to work? No worries for that! Glenorchy is close to all major highways, making its location very convenient. Oakville Transit also provides local transportation plus a link to Via Rail and GO Transit.

Even if Glenorchy is only 3 years young (because it was established in 2012), it is not lacking in amenities. Both the new Sixteen Mile Sports Complex and the new state-of-the-art Oakville Hospital is located in this neighbourhood. It also features a town-like family-oriented community with lots of fine architectural built homes. It truly is perfect for young families, older couples, and first time home buyers!

Amazing Home Choices

You’ll find a wide variety of home styles at Glenorchy. There are fully detached homes, semi-detached homes, andtwo to three bedroom townhomes which are all made in an urban town design and with an intention to last for a lifetime or more.

Craving for more information about Glenorchy? Then contact us and let us introduce you to the neighbourhood. With plenty of available homes in Glenorchy, you’ll surely find one to call your own.

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