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Famous for its charm and beauty, Olde Oakville or Old Oakville depending on where you are from, is the ideal location for those who want a laid-back lifestyle whilst still being in the midst of all the action. Just within a short distance to the Downtown area and nearby some of the best restaurants in GTA, this area of Oakville which is nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario bustles with gift shops, amazing bake shops, boutique clothiers, and plenty more commercial establishments. Those who love to shop would surely feel at home at GTA neighbourhood.

A Prestigious Location

From the name itself, Old Oakville is one of the areas which was first settled in during the founding of the Town. It is partly where the fibres which will form the Town that we know today was first formed and this can be seen by the number of grand houses and estates dotting its lakeside area. From the early days, living in Old Oakville has been associated with prestige, and the current available luxury homes in the area is still a testament to that.

Being the Town’s original settlement area, Old Oakville is home to the historically significant shopping district which includes multitudes of restaurants, spas, boutiques, cafes, and financial services. This particular piece of real estate and surrounding neighbourhoods are considered to be a part of Canada’s richest communities.

Old Oakville is bounded by the QEW highway to the north, Lake Ontario to the south, 16 Mile Creek to the west, and Chartwell Road to the East. Heavily treed streets are the norm, as well as plenty of historic homes, churches, and parks.

A Real Community

Olde Oakville

Olde Oakville2

The area of Old Oakville is the Town’s cultural hub. It is the home of the centennial pool, one of the Town’s main art galleries, the Oakville Centre for Performing Arts, and the Central Library. The neighbourhood is awash in a flurry of activities come summer, as the Oakville Harbour becomes the Town’s main focal point. Several private clubs are also located in Old Oakville, such as the Oakville Power Boat Club, the Burloak Canoe Club, and the Oakville Club. All of them are conveniently located at the banks of the 16 Mile Creek.

Irresistible Real Estate

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Although the area of Old Oakville attracts a lot of professionals and executives, the community has a good mix of seniors and children, being one of the areas with the best schools and best options for senior services and amenities. No matter if you are looking for condominiums, luxury town-homes, single-detached homes, cottages, custom-built homes, or mansions on the lake, you’ll surely find a home for you at Old Oakville.

Want your very own heritage property? Then you’ll surely love Old Oakville! It is truly a neighbourhood where the old meets the new and where old world charm imbibes a sense of history to the very streets - yes, we do mean that, almost literally! Contact us to find out how you can view available luxury homes in Old Oakville and experience the mix of vibrant modern Canadian culture with an equal mix of rich old history.

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