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No Town would be complete without its core, and for Oakville, that certainly is true. Central Oakville, the Town’s heart, is a mix of old and new, with an assortment of modern condominiums, beautiful townhomes, and majestic lakefront estates. Whatever you fancy in a dream home, you’ll surely find it here. Simply sit back and read on to know more about what else makes Central Oakville very special.

A Slice of Heaven

For those who love city living but would also want to wake up near to nature, Central Oakville is one of the ideal places in Canada to go real estate hunting for. With towering condominiums lining up the scenic 16 Mile Creek, those who are lucky enough to purchase a unit or two is guaranteed stunning views of Lake Ontario and the Downtown area. It’s really like getting a slice of heaven, or something similar.

The community in itself is considered one of the most historic in North America, but don’t be fooled because modern luxurious lakefront townhouses also dot the landscape in Central Oakville. In fact, plenty of the old houses has been renovated and there has been an increase of custom-built homes in the recent years, making Central Oakville one of the most balanced neighbourhoods in this side of the GTA. The secret is the mix of contemporary buildings and designs plus a sprinkling of historic buildings and scenic nooks throughout this mature community.

Outstanding Amenities


Central Oakville offers Oakvillians a multitude of desirable features. Those who choose this neighbourhood would have easy access to Lake Ontario, would be walking distance to lots of parks, plenty of upscale shops, trendy restaurants, and all the chic boutiques in Downtown Oakville. Another welcome bonus is being near excellent schools, recreation and sports facilities, plus other points of interest in the area. No wonder Central Oakville is one of the top choices for families moving in into Oakville, especially with all the top-performing schools and wholesome entertainment all over the neighbourhood. It certainly suits people from all ages and walks of life.

A Summer Paradise

Living in Central Oakville will not be complete without experiencing the serene beauty of Lake Ontario. With the neighbourhood built on and interlaced with the original settlement of Oakville, one of the best reasons to live in Central Oakville is the Oakville Harbour. Yacht and canoe clubs will practically beat your doorstep, will you be able to resist not enjoying them all?

Summers in the community is filled with exciting days usually spent dining al-fresco, having fun at the nearby cultural centres, frolicking in the water, and enjoying soft warm summer nights which are filled with music and laughter. Let’s not forget the relaxing tree-lined streets – certainly a joy to take your morning or evening walk. Those who love nature trails will surely have fun at the numerous parks just waiting to be explored by someone.

Loving what you’re hearing about Central Oakville? Then contact us and grab your piece of it. With everything this Oakville neighbourhood has to offer, we’re sure you’ll fall in-love with the place. Come see some of the available beautiful luxury homes in Central Oakville and you might just find what you are looking for.

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