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If you want to be able to sell your home, you have to know how much it’s worth! While you’ll have all of our expertise as Oakville luxury realtors to sell, you still need to know what price is right. A comparative market analysis of your luxury Oakville real estate is going to help you understand how much your home is worth and how much people in your area are willing to spend on your home. Finding the right price is all about walking the line between what they can afford to spend and what you can afford to lose – without a comparative analysis you may not know what to do.

What is a Comparative Analysis?

CMA is a comparative marketing analysis, this means we’ll take the information from all the comparable homes around you and see how much they sell for. We’ll factor in homes that haven’t sold because they were priced too high or too low, we’ll factor in homes with the same area, bedrooms and more. You shouldn’t have to try and play the Price is Right with your home. Luxury Oakville homes for sale don’t need this kind of trouble!

Look at Homes for Sale Right now
The homes that are for sale right now are going to give you a good idea of what prices are good for your kind of Oakville luxury real estate. While working with us as your Oakville luxury realtor is going to be your best chance at getting an accurate CMA, you can look at other homes on the market right now as the first indicator.

Look at Homes that have Recently Sold
Homes that have recently sold are going to tell you the best price for a home that’s comparative to yours. You’re going to want to look at homes in the same neighbourhood with the same amount of rooms, area and comparable amenities to help you base your prices for your home.

Look at Listings that Expired
Expired listings are a great way to know how you SHOULDN’T price your home. You don’t want to price it too high or too low, this will cause problems with buyers. If you are pricing it too high you’ll make them laugh – they’ll think you’re dreaming and no one wants to buy the most expensive house on the block. If the price is too low for luxury homes for sale in Oakville you’re going to run into the problem of buyers wondering what’s wrong with the property.

Compare only Similar Properties

When we help you price your home, we’ll compare only similar properties to your own. It’s not going to help you any if we’re comparing the price of your home to a tiny 1 bedroom condo halfway across town – it’s all about comparing apples with apples.

Making sure you get the most for your Oakville luxury real estate means working with Oakville luxury realtors that will give you the most for your money. 

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