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We’ve talked about being an emotional buyer before, but we haven’t touched much on being an emotional seller. When it comes to Oakville real estate, you’re going to want to be detached and think of your home as just a house. It’s like selling a couch to get a new furniture set. You don’t want to be over attached to a piece of Oakville luxury real estate, and the best way is to just let it go. Here we’re going to go over a few of the mistakes you have to avoid when dealing with Oakville homes for sale, so let’s get started!

Over Valuing

It’s easy to overvalue your Oakville real estate… it is your home after all! A home is one of the priciest transactions most of us will ever undertake, and if you overvalue your home no one is going to bite. Overpricing is easy to do with an Oakville luxury home, but you’re going to have to be smart about it and work with a smart realtor (like us!) who will help you get the best price for your home.

While you may be tempted to overvalue your home, just say no. We’ll be there through the process and we’ll help you price your home just right. While we know every home is special, buyers may not see the same things you do in it. We’ll help you present your home the right way and help you find the right buyer for your Oakville real estate.

Being Present at Showings

A seller once joked that attending one’s own showing was like going to your own funeral; it’s never as fun or interesting as you thought it might be. Oakville homes for sale have to have showings, and to get the most money for your home you just can’t be there. You might try to be helpful and show people what they can get by buying your home, maybe you’d point out interesting features.

Maybe you would sit in the corner and watch people come in and out to “protect your property” but come off the wrong way. Whatever you’re planning on doing, you don’t want to be present at showings. You’re paying a commission to your Oakville luxury realtor to get your home sold, let us do the heavy lifting!

Offers Are Just Offers

Offers aren’t a personal slight about how you’ve maintained your Oakville homes for sale, they’re just people trying to buy your home. One of the most common seller mistakes is rejecting early offers or taking offers personally. You don’t have to look at them this way and you always want to make sure you’re taking offers seriously. You’ll want to know what people are willing to pay so you can price your home just so.

Selling Oakville luxury real estate can be difficult, but when you work with us you’ll get everything you need to sell your home. Why hope you do it right when you can do it right? Choose us, choose the Goodale Miller Team today!

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