Posted 7.19.12 @ 11:15 by: Staff

When dealing with homes for sale, many people are looking to “downsize” their homes. Maybe they have too much house; maybe they just want something more manageable. Either way, downsizing doesn’t have to be a bad thing! You’ll be able to get exactly what you need without the things that you don’t. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to move into a tiny little house and throw away everything that ever mattered to you. Here we’re going to talk about downsizing; is it a dirty word or a smart move?

Why is Downsizing Such a Dirty Word?

Downsizing seems like an enemy of progress, an enemy of success. We always think we need bigger, better, more. Sometimes this just doesn’t do the trick, and it’s time to think about downsizing things. Just because you’re retiring doesn’t mean you have to start downsizing right away. Many people stay in the family home until well into their 70s, but if you are thinking about having something more manageable or something more affordable, downsizing can be a smart idea.

Know When It’s Smart to Move!

Before you even think about buying Oakville luxury homes for sale, you need to know that you’re making the right choice. You’re going to need to think about things like what neighbourhood you’re going to live in, what kind of choices you’ll have while you’re there and if you can afford it. There are many options here that will suit virtually everyone, but unless you know what you’re doing you could run into trouble.

Make a List of What You Want and Need: What is lacking from your home? Why are you moving? Is there something important that has changed? You’re going to want to make your list before you start shopping for Oakville real estate, that way you don’t try and mold your expectations to the house! The last thing you want to do is try and make your life revolve around a house when it should be the other way around.

Research: Research is the best way to make any decision! Once you’ve narrowed down your list of needs and wants, you can start looking at different neighbourhoods. As Oakville realtors we can help you pinpoint which neighbourhoods will work for you and which ones just won’t match up. This will help shave a considerable amount of time off how long you’ll have to look for a home.

Can You Afford It? Sometimes it’s not always the best time to move, and you’re going to want to ask yourself if you can afford to move now. Are you going to have to wait until your current home sells before you can buy a new one, or will you be able to get financing like a bridge loan to breech the gap? Talk with your lender and see what options you have available to you before you start shopping for a home.

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