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Purchasing a luxury home is an investment. It is understandable that when spending for such a huge investment, you’ll want to make your luxury home as comfortable as possible for your needs. Considering that a significant chunk of your free time will be spent at home, you’ll surely love to go for the best upgrades that money can buy.

Freestanding Bath and Bathroom Upgrade

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A bathroom upgrade is usually the first on the list of home improvements for new homeowners, but if you have a luxury home, you’ll surely want to splurge on a freestanding bath. Not only is it elegant and classic, but you also deserve all the pampering you can get in your own home!

Build a Wine Cellar

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It is a shame to have a collection of wine but not have the proper storage for such. The benefits of having a wine cellar outweighs the cost of having one built so this is definitely a justifiable upgrade for any luxury home. A wine cellar can protect valuable wine and keep them in tip-top condition; plus, you’ll be sure that you’ll have a stash of your favourites at home for a special occasion.

Splurge on an Indoor Bar

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If you love entertaining, you’ll need an indoor bar for your events and parties. This bar doesn’t have to take up a lot of space, but just have enough storage for your favourites and some extras for gatherings.

Install a Sports Court

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Whether you play or not, your own sports court is a great way to use extra space at any weather. If you’re a serious player, building your own indoor sports court may also be a great idea.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

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If you have a pool, a beautiful garden, or ample outdoor space, you’ll surely love the convenience of having an outdoor kitchen perfect for cooking dinner under the stars for your family or for when you’re entertaining guests. This is one investment that may cost more than building an extra room but is well worth the splurge.

Create a Chef’s Kitchen

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No luxury home is complete without a kitchen that a chef would be proud of! Whether you love to cook or planning to hire a personal chef for your meals or entertaining, a well-equipped kitchen is a must! You may also want to renovate your kitchen to make it fully customized and fit your needs.

Build an Indoor Pool

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Swimming should not just be reserved for warm weather, if you have the space, you can swim during any time of the year by building an indoor pool. You’ll get full control of water temperature, extra privacy, and take a dip any time of the day!

Mysterious Secret Passageway

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Secret passageways to secret rooms are certainly something you’d want for a modern luxury home. A secret passageway can serve as place to hang private art collections that you want to protect from prying eyes. You can also use hidden room and secret passageways to store personal items that you don’t want cluttering your home. Whether you have a stash of treasures or want a room that’s solely your own, a secret passageway is not weird at all and there are even builders who specialise in this luxury home addition!

Your home is your sanctuary! Do not feel guilty about spending a bit extra on luxury home upgrades that will improve your life and well-being. If you love these luxury home upgrades and is looking for the Oakville luxury home of your dreams, then contact us and our realtors will be glad to assist!

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