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Staging and selling your Oakville home for sale is all about showing buyers the potential your property has. The first thing you’ll need to do is to depersonalize your home; they need to be able to picture themselves in the house, their things and their future. With professional home staging you can transform any home into a modern haven for young buyers or a comfy low maintenance property for boomers. With the Goodale Miller Team, you’ll be able to identify who your market is, cater to them and get your home off the market faster than you would otherwise.

Clean it Up

Getting the house clean either by hiring a service or doing it yourself is important. Even if you still live in the house you need to depersonalize it.


This means taking all of your personal hygiene products out of the shower and sink (remember to remove any medications or products out of the medicine cabinet as well). Replace the shower curtain with a brand new one and remove the bathmat. If there is staining in the tub have it bleached or use decorative decals that are modern and tasteful. Many will go so far to replace the toilet seat for a showing; how far you want to take your cleaning is up to you.


Kitchens are also important and people will go over these with a fine toothed comb. Make sure before you put up your home for sale that the kitchen is pristine. Have stained or chipped sinks? Replace them. Replace any chipped or broken tiles (but don’t redo the entire floor if you don’t have to, it can be very expensive). Clean out appliances and clear off any counters. The more space the larger the place will feel.


Bedrooms should be cleared out as well with all clutter removed off the floor. Use king sized sheets in a pinch for window treatments, but make sure everything is airy and light in every room. People want to live in bright spaces, not caves.

Common Area

The common area should be nice and clean; also make sure to remove the clutter off the floor. The less there is on the walls and on the floor the bigger the space will feel regardless of the size of the room. Use transparent white curtains to give the room an airy feel.

In all rooms slap on a coat of paint if you need it; nothing brightens up a room like bright white. Have the house cleaned up within a few days before you do the showing. This way you can come by and have a look at the house and make sure it’s in the right condition before the showing and can have them come correct mistakes. Nothing is worse than showing a home that is messy and just not together. Also remember to have drinks and snacks ready for people who come by to view the home.

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