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Well-designed home interiors are not only functional, they make you feel at home, give you a sense of peace, and helps you relax as it helps take away the stress you get from work, or from everyday challenges. But what really makes for a well-designed home interior? It is all about space management!

Your home needs to breathe so you can breathe. Who wants to keep bumping into furniture? Stepping on clutter? Or having to go sideways just to squeeze yourself in between a wall and some furniture? No one! This blog will help you fix not having enough space by creating a better flow in your home. Take a look at how you can achieve that at every room of your home below:

Dining Room


Do you know that you need to have at least 48 inches of space between a table and a door to allow you to easily enter and exit a room? You also need at least 36 inches of space between a chair and a wall to not feel closed-in and be able to seat yourself comfortably. Not knowing that often results to cramped dining areas that takes the joy out of eating – that certainly is no fun!

You can remedy the above by choosing a smaller dining room table or one that can be extended when needed. If you’re not having a banquet every day, then there is no real need for a long table that seats 12 people, right? Go for a smaller dining set with just enough seats to accommodate everyone living with you to make most of your dining days a joy to look forward to.



Having enough space on both sides of the bed is essential if two persons are sharing a bed. For that, there should be at least 36 inches of space to allow each person to get in and out of bed comfortably. If you have a small bedroom, you can save some space by getting a bed with storage underneath so you won’t have to add other furniture like dressers or the like. Remember, a comfortable bedroom experience makes for a great night of sleep!

Living Room


You can save a lot of space and create better flow by using a small round coffee table for your living room instead of a bulky rectangular or square one. You may also opt for scaled down furniture or choose smaller options like stools or ottomans versus an extra couch to add extra seating.



A small bathroom often can feel more cramped when you have a traditional door. To remedy that, you can replace a typical swinging door with a pocket door to save space. As for the shower, go for a sliding glass shower door. You’d love the space-saving benefit you’ll get!



A clutter free kitchen island and kitchen counter seems to be nearly impossible but can be achieved by having storage space built-in under both. If you do happen to have both, you’d also want to make sure that there’s at least 42 inches between your counters and island to allow you to easily navigate your way around the kitchen, more so if you love cooking!



Hallways are the veins of your home and keeping them clutter-free may prove to be challenging. Create a positive flow by keeping your hallways clean and without obstruction as much as possible.

By following the outlined tips and guides above, you’ll create a positive flow in your home that will reflect on your mood. You’ll feel lighter. More positive, and generally happier; making your house truly a home sweet home!

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