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Let’s face it, winter travel is rarely easy – but this season is promising to be a bit trickier than normal! With fewer flights running across North America, the usual snow storms and overbooked holiday flights with outrageous fares, it’s important to know when the best time to travel is!

And while we can’t exactly book you your next flight, taking a little break from house hunting or selling your home in the winter months when the market isn’t exactly booming is always a great idea. Let’s get started.

Know Where the Deals Are

Deals just aren’t for travelers looking for the cheapest way to get home – it just makes good sense. Most of the deals in North America revolve around American holidays, so it’s good to know when they are to get the right deals.

Mid-January Best to Fly – When it comes to island vacations or just flights in general, the best prices will come in the last three weeks of January and the first half of February; most don’t fly during this time of year – but you won’t be able to book the good prices for these flights until the second week of November. If you’re looking at skiing, you’re better off just going around Christmas instead.

First Two Weeks of December – From about the 3rd of December to the 15th you’ll find all kinds of deals, and not just on flights either. You’ll beat the holiday rush crowd and could pay as little as half of what you would on either side of those dates.

Book in December for Valentine’s – Looking for the best rooms and flights, but always seem to miss the window? You’ll want to start looking at reservations in late November, early December.

Cheaper European Flights

This year you’ll be able to fly to London, Oslo and Stockholm for much cheaper than in recent years, but you may have a tough time finding an affordable flight to Spain or Athens. You’re going to want to book ahead of time and search for non-stop flights, avoiding anything with too many connections. The more plains that are in the chain the more you’re going to have to pay.

It’s All About Timing

You’ll want to make sure that your timing is perfect – or at the very least close to it.

Fly in the Mornings – The earlier you fly, the less likely you are to face troublesome delays; likewise, try to make sure that your plane isn’t landing at primetime (7pm to 10pm) to avoid getting stuck on the tarmac for too long.

Book Your Seat – Make sure you know where you’re sitting ahead of time – if you don’t have an assigned seat you’re more likely to get bumped when they overbook the plane.                                    

Just like preventing winter travel snafus, buying or selling luxury homes is all about preparation and having the right agent. If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, or you’re just trying to figure out if now is the right time to buy or sell a home, give us a call today!

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