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More and more buyers looking at Oakville homes for sale are on the lookout for equestrian estates, but are they the right thing for you? This kind of home buying can lead to a much longer buying time than you would face with real estate of the two footed variety. You’re going to need an Oakville luxury realtor like us that understands homes and horses – it takes a special piece of Oakville real estate to fill this kind of need. Let’s get started and see what they can offer you.

Land and Stables

Oakville has many prime pieces of real estate that feature both land and stables – but don’t get one without another! A true Oakville equestrian estate is going to have multiple acres and complete facilities where you can make the most of your home. In the last year across North America and the UK the demand for equestrian friendly properties has shot up over 50%. You’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you, but only if you ask questions. We’ll be able to help you figure out exactly what you need.

Boarding Fees are Costly

And it’s not just our neighbours to the south – all over boarding fees for horses are rising – which means that it makes more sense to keep them at home where you can enjoy them! In Vancouver for example boarding fees will run you an average of +/-$3500 a month. Spending a little more to have a home that’s friendly for both your two legged and four legged family ends up making perfect sense. With agricultural prices continuing to rise (due to the American Drought among other things) you can rationalize keeping the horses at home.

Almost the Perfect Fit

On average, equestrian owners will be able to find a 4 out of 5 point match for their luxury real estate – but don’t let this stop you! We’ll work hard to find as close a match as possible, just know that most have to do a little renovating to create a tailor fit property for their needs. There are many developments with Oakville real estate that will help you get started, and we’ll help you pinpoint exactly what your needs are.

Is it Right for You?

There are many things that need to be considered. Will you have a caretaker, and is there a caretaker’s cottage on the property? How much pasture do you have, how many stalls does the barn have, is there a barn at all? Is it a farm converted to be a high end equestrian property? Is there something special about this piece of luxury Oakville real estate versus another you’ve had your eye on? Make the property work for your money, not the other way around!

Whatever you’re looking for we’ll be able to help you find the right home for you. You shouldn’t have to struggle to find the best home for you and your horses, and with us you won’t have to. Contact us today and see what the best Oakville luxury realtors in town can do for you.

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