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It’s that time of year again.

There are two kinds of people in life: people that love cruises and people that hate cruises. Many experts (mainly those that love to cruise!) think it all starts with having a great first cruise experience. We’re not talking about avoiding getting stranded in the Gulf of Mexico on the Lido Deck, scrambling for Special K Bars and fighting for batteries for your flashlight (though obviously this will affect your view of cruising!), but about doing your research and knowing what you’re in for.

Did You Know: You can check Conde Nast Traveler’s annual list of the best and worst cruise ships before you even start booking your trip? It’s true, so make sure you do!

What Size Ship is Right for You?

Everyone’s different, so you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the ship size that complements your idea of the perfect vacation.

  • Want to explore the off-beat path? Pick a cruise ship with less than 300 passengers. Just remember you’re probably not going to have an on-board gym, the rooms will be smaller and you’ll feel those waves.
  • Want a trip filled with pampering AND sightseeing? Pick a medium sized cruise ship with 300-1300 passengers. You’ll have spa days, a private balcony, you won’t be trapped with assigned seating arrangements and you’ll be able to get all those “all inclusive” perks without feeling like you’re being charged to death.
  • Want a vacation? Looking for a party-combo-theme park that just happens to be floating on the sea? You’re looking for a large cruise ship vacation. If you’re bringing the kids, if you’re prone to sea sickness and you want to nightlife all at your fingertips, this is the perfect sized boat for you and your friends/family/group.

Cruises Kids Love

You’ll want to stick with the larger cruise ships if you want a kid-friendly experience for all of your family, but it’s important to ask the following before you “dive in” and book:

  • Do they have a kid’s club?
  • Do they have kid-friendly pools?
  • Are there any other children’s activities onboard?
  • Are there assigned dining times/seating?
  • Do they offer kid friendly port excursions?

It’s different on every ship, so ask your travel agent ahead of time to make sure you’re making the most of your trip.

The Ports Make the Difference

Are they ports you actually want to visit? Are there excursions at every stop to try, will you be able to stay after dark?

Staying late in port will allow you to experience nightlife and the city after most of the tourists go home. While nightlife onboard a ship can be great, most of us want to travel, not just sit on a ship the whole time. Having the option to explore if you like can make the difference between a so-so trip and the dream vacation of a lifetime.

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