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What do you do if you’re a multi-billionaire who owns your own airline company and a host of other businesses? Well, enjoy life of course! Few people may have not heard of who Sir Richard Branson is (yes, he is a knight) and if you’re curious about what he does in his spare time and what properties he owns and develops, then you’d like this article.


A Fabulous Tropical Location

Famed for his other property, the Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson added yet another jewel to his arsenal of exotic island beauties – the stunningly gorgeous Moskito Island. Named for the Moskito Indian Tribe, the 120 acre Moskito Island is situated in the North Sound just one mile away from Necker Island which is off shore from Anguilla Point, Virgin Goda. A few years ago, this stunning tropical BVI location was a well-known playground for scuba divers and visiting sailors – an expected thing when you have a beautiful island in the middle of crystal blue Caribbean waters.

Spectacular Eco-Resort

Currently, the Moskito Island Eco Resort is in it’s final weeks of completion. Visitors can expect to see a beach bar, a restaurant, public nature trails, an organic garden and orchard, some tennis courts, a refurbished dock, a swimming pool, five three-bedroom villas, staff accommodations, and a stunning Cliffside residence belonging to Sir Richard Branson once it is open to the public. Amongst those who will occupy the other villas are the handpicked neighbours-to-be by the owner himself and includes some of the world’s billionaires.



How about the non-billionaire folks? Well, don’t despair. An additional of twenty more villas are to be constructed for the Eco Resort and all of them will be using wind turbines and solar panels. That’s right! No diesel power or any other fossil fuel would be used in this green island! In fact, the plan for Moskito Island is for it to be a working model for the development of similar Islands in the future. Branson says that the goal is for the island to use 75-80% clean energy in the next few years.

Designed by Top Experts

The main villa’s interior was designed by Gus Wustermann, a renowned architect. The clever design is sculptured out of a rock and built on a solid base. It’s hurricane safe and has underwater windows reminiscent of a fantasy world. The best part is that all of these features are designed to have the least possible impact on the environment.




Another group involved in the project is Kao Design Group. They recently published some images featuring the island’s pool and spectacular recreation centre which is to be island’s focal point of activity. The recreation centre offers a clubhouse, a beach-side pool with bar, and professional tennis courts complete with a two-storey tennis viewing pavilion. Who says that green can’t be fabulous?

A Zoological Surprise Awaits

Of course, the island won’t be complete without some of Sir Richard’s Branson’s exotic animal friends, his ring tailed lemurs. All of the animals in the island’s ring tailed lemur refuge are sourced from zoos all over the world and they were brought to the island to help preserve their numbers. Ring tailed lemurs are native only to Madagascar and their declining population is because of poaching and deforestation in their native habitat. The billionaire knight rescued the cat-like creatures from zoos in Sweden, South Africa, and Canada. Local species need not feel threatened though, as this furry new island inhabitants will be enclosed and quarantined until their effect on the local flora and fauna can be ascertained by experts.


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