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There is nothing that adds that touch of elegance to your home and that extra value for when you put it on the luxury Oakville real estate market as an outdoor living space. While it’s virtually winter now, it never hurts to look forward to Spring 2013! Concrete is a green and durable material and you can’t forget about using fire to accent your space! Your home shouldn’t end at the back door, and when you have all that outdoor space why shouldn’t you use it? With the right tweaks you can really make something that you can enjoy.

Good Neighbors Ask Before Building Fences

If you’re thinking about building a privacy fence so you can have your own little private oasis in your backyard, you may want to ask your neighbours first. If your neighbourhood has an open plan without any fences, a single one can become a point of contention when it comes to luxury Oakville real estate or otherwise.

Outdoor Lighting

There are many ways you can light an outdoor space – gas, electric, open flame, enclosed flames – all these options are open to you when you’re looking at enhancing your Oakville real estate. If you want a fire pit or open flame effect, there are many ways you can accomplish this safely (but make sure you get three bids from three different contractors!). People love this kind of thing and it can really increase your curb appeal.

Outdoor Furniture

From quaint little picnic sets to full on outdoor lounges and dining rooms, there is outdoor furniture to suit virtually any need. Working with a decorator will help give you some ideas for your space, but you’ll find all kinds online. Paving stone tables are popular and can last through tough winters and humid summers. Tire swings, custom cushions and outdoor shower screens are great ways to jazz up your outdoor space along with lounges and patio furniture. Look beyond tiki torches and go for a more individual and sunny disposition!

It’s Alive!

Container and vertical gardening can really bring your space to another level – it’s an outdoor space after all and you want it to pop more than a second living room that happens to be under a canopy! You can use oversized flower arrangements to create a perimeter, use decorative pots to bring life to a boring exterior walls. Water gardens in an outdoor pond or through glass containers with fish can bring your space to life.

Textures and Beauty

One of the best ways to breathe life into your Oakville homes for sale is to use textures! A smooth multikulti table with a raffia runner can do magical things! Ivy porch screens next to bright coloured pillows can bring your space to another level.

Whatever you choose to do with your outdoor space, make sure you live in it! Your backyard should be more than something you have to mow each week during the growing season, take advantage of all that space that’s waiting for you.

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