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We’ve recently featured some amazing indoor fall and Halloween decorating tips and tricks and for this blog, we’ll be tackling how you can spruce up your outdoors spaces! Whether you’re gearing up for a Halloween party or hosting an awesome fall soiree, you’d definitely want your outdoors to be at its best. How to go about that with minimal effort? Check out our easy fall decorating tips below:

Festive Fall Table

Fall Home Table Ideas

A table centrepiece showcasing all the beautiful shapes and colours of fall is not only very easily achieved but is very budget-friendly too! What to use? Take a trip to your local market and fill your cart with a range of gourds and pumpkins. You can stop here and be basically done with your cold weather decorating repertoire. To use your gourds and pumpkins, simply line them up or group them in the centre of your table (or mantle, for that matter) and add a few leaves. That’s it! That’s your fall table centrepiece!

Pumpkins and Blooms

Fall Home Table Ideas2

Who says fall can’t be romantic? You can certainly combine more subdued hued blooms with your pumpkins and pull off a beautiful display. For best results, miniature pumpkins are a must! A few tea light candles scattered here and there would complete the look, making your table glow with gorgeous shades of reds, oranges, and browns.

DIY Table Runner

Not really sold on the idea of purchasing a table runner for a single-event use? Then break out your fall-hued placemats and line them up on the centre of your table for an easy-peasy table runner. Don’t forget top anchor with some pumpkins!

Bring Out The Pumpkins!

Fall Home Table Ideas3

We are really into pumpkins this season and you will be too! There is a vast array of pumpkin shapes, sizes, and hues that you can certainly play around with to create pretty autumn-themed displays. You can group pumpkins at a corner, over a table, or a ledge and you’ve got yourself a cute fall decorative piece!

Fall Decorating Tip: Once you are done with the pumpkins, you can either cook them or leave them at a corner of your garden. They kind of decompose into a great fertiliser and if you’re really lucky, they would self-propagate come spring and you’ll have a free batch of pumpkins next fall!

Potted Succulents Galore

Fall Home Table Ideas4

Who would have thought that potted succulents makes such excellent fall décor? Succulents are actually at their best as the weather turns cooler. For some reason, their magenta, coral, and gold blooms are at their best in fall, perfect for balancing out with other harvest colours!

Fruits and Gourds

Fall Home Table Ideas5

Okay, okay, you’re not into a full-pumpkin extravaganza, so why not add some fruits to the mix? Pumpkins looks great with some pomegranates and apples just casually arranged together on a big basket or at the centre of the table.

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