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A peaceful suburban town full of great things to see – this is what most people would say if they are asked to describe Oakville, Ontario. The town is well known for being the home of awesome golf clubs, nature parks, and beautiful luxury homes; however, what most people do not know is that it is also the hometown of numerous celebrities and famous people. One of them is James Hinchcliffe.

Early Life and Career

James Hinchcliffe is a professional open wheel racer who was born in December 5, 1986 at Oakville, Ontario. His triumphant car racing ventures since 2006 made him one of the best open wheel racers of today’s car racing generation. Similar to other victorious sports players, James Hinchcliffe started from humble beginnings, including the days when he was born at Oakville, Ontario.

James Hinchcliffe was once a karting enthusiast, until he started his open-wheel career in 2003. In fact, he finished in 3rd place at the Bridgestone Racing Academy, located in a town nearby Oakville. In the following year, he won three races in the rookie competition of the Formula BMW USA.

In 2006, he joined the A1 Grand Prix wherein he finished 8th place during the first race at Zandvoort, 2nd place during the sprint race at Czech, 4th place during the Beijing round, and 6th place during the New Zealand round. Due to these consecutive victories, James Hinchclliffe proved his expertise in car racing to people all over the world. He was also the pride of Canada, especially of Oakville Ontario, for being the representative of the country in that prestigious race.

More Achievements and Highlights

In 2009, Hinchcliffe competed in the Firestone Indy Light Series. However, he was not very fortunate during the first season due to his struggles of following the standard for the number 7 car, where he was assigned to. During the second season in 2010, he was able to win back his titles when he achieved three wins and five more podium finishes.

In 2011, Hinchcliffe began racing for the IndyCar Series. However, he missed the first scheduled race at St. Petersburg. He was then able to compete for the second race but was unable to finish due to the spinning accident he had with a fellow racer. He then continued to race for the Streets of Long Beach competition, in which he earned his first top five finish, placing fourth overall. These triumphs for Hinchcliffe were then followed by struggles. Fortunately, he was able to rebound by placing 6th during the Milwaukee Mile. That same year, he was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award.

Oakville’s Pride

In 2012, Hinchliffe replaced Danica Patrick as the driver of the Andretti Autosport GoDaddy car. Patrick is considered as the best woman open-wheel car racer, even beating most professional male racers. This proves the trust that people give to Hinchcliffe, as one of the best racers out there.

James Hinchcliffe truly is a pride of Oakville Ontario. If you are a car racing enthusiast or if you idolize James Hinchcliffe, then you better visit the town or even make it your home. You’ll never know the people who you may run into. Contact us to know more about the options for beautiful luxury homes which we can offer you today.

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