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Oakville stands out amongst the best places to live in Canada not just because of the quality of living being enjoyed by its residents but also because it is the chosen home of many notable personalities in the field of sports, journalism, arts, and many more. In today’s entry, we will meet a famous Oakvillian ice hockey player, the 2009 NHL Entry Draft’s first pick of that year, John Tavares.

Early Life

Polish-Portuguese John Tavares was born on the 20th of September 1990 to parents Barbara and Joe in Tavares Mississauga, Ontario. Being an avid sportsman seems to run in the veins of the Tavares clan, as Ontario born John Tavares is the nephew of his namesake uncle who is a well-known Lacrosse player. Actually, his exposure to sports started with him being a really good soccer and lacrosse player, following his uncle’s giant footsteps as National Lacrosse League’s all-time scoring leader. Being the ball boy for his uncle’s lacrosse team taught the young John many lessons in being a good sportsman. He credits those early years as some of the foundation years which helped him become a notable ice hockey player.

Beginnings of an Ice Hockey Star Player

John’s affair with ice-hockey was not planned at all. He got acquainted with the sports when his family moved to Oakville which gave way to him playing minor hockey thru the Minor Oaks Hockey Association. By some design of fate, he became friends with Sam Gagner who happened to be the son of NHL’s Dave Gagner, and the two boys spent a lot of their time developing into the ice hockey players that they are today at the Gagner’s backyard ice rink.

Tavares did not just excel in sports, he also did well in school but his love for sports was very apparent even from a very young age. When he was playing minor ice hockey with Oakville Rangers, he showed so much skill that his parents moved him up an age group to play with older children although he was only 7 at that time. From that point forward, he excelled in all his plays and continued moving up the leagues and was named one of the 3 youngest players to ever junior ice hockey at 13 with the Milton Icehawks.

Re-Making Ice-Hockey History

Being one of the youngest players to ever play junior ice hockey is just one of the many achievements Tavares have under his belt. At age 14, he became the youngest player to be drafted at the OHL, a feat that was unheard of especially since players have to older than 15 to be drafted. Upon the approval of his petition to be drafted (for which the OHL had to rewrite their rules and add a clause for exceptional players) he was chosen as the first pick for the 2005 draft, earning him the Jack Ferguson award, a recognition to the most sought after new draft. John really did deserve the honour, as he proved to be exceptional indeed, winning the CHL Rookie of the Year Award and the EMMS Family Award for the same year, making him the top rookie player for that year. The following year, he was chosen to be OHL’s representative for the yearly ADT Canada-Russia Challenge and continued making history with his game play that he was named the most outstanding player of the league which earned him the Red Tilson Trophy and the CHL Player of the Year. The following years proved to be as fruitful.

In 2008, Tavares again made ice hockey history by being allowed to be drafted to the NHL despite him being too young to be drafted in the league. Truly a world-class ice-hockey player, he was also chosen to compete in international games and was chosen by his coaches to be one of the top 3 players for team Canada. Will his winning streak continue? Only time can tell for now. One thing is for sure though; John Tavares is a true-blue Oakvillian right from the beginning of his affair with ice hockey up to this day.

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