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Truly the home of excellent sportsmen, Oakville continues to produce more big names in the field of sports, especially ice hockey. The latest star export is Stuart Percy of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Find out here why he’s someone you would surely love to have as your neighbour!

Early life and Hockey Career

Now in his very early twenties, Stuart Percy was born on the 18th of May 1993 in Oakville Ontario. Even from a young age, those who knew the young Percy saw his talent potential and noted his capability for being very calm even when placed under extreme pressure - a personality trait which will come very handy once he started paying ice hockey in 2008. Ice-hockey experts predict that Stuart Percy will become one of the most notable players to play defensively at the pro level in the years to come.

Career Achievements

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As an ice-hockey player with a lot of talent, Stuart Percy gained the respect and notice of who’s who in ice hockey from the early days in 2008 when he started playing.

Considered as a rookie still, Stuart Percy is making waves being a team member of Toronto’s Maple Leaf, and is making the team’s defensive decision quite difficult. This year, he earned being called a jobstealer. It is not a derogatory term though, but rather a term which shows the promise and talent that Percy has as he managed to be the first defenceman in franchise history to be able to put up a point in all of his 3 initial games in the league, resulting to him being temporarily given Jake Gardiner’s spot in the team lineup. Gardiner harbors no hard feelings for the young Percy and says that it is simply to be expected when someone is playing really well, just like Percy did.

The predicament this gives the Maple Leaf coaching staff is the fact that they now have 7 very good defencemen who are all vying for 6 spots. Coach Randy Carlyle says that they have made it clear from the very beginning that there would be a healthy sort of competition for the 6 positions, and all the players agree to the novel concept of giving their best plays to earn a spot.

Percy did not get his first NHL season by luck, but by sheer hard work and talent. He was a first-round pick up back in 2011 and made it as the no. 7 with the Leafs tryout despite having 3 veteran left-handed defencemen ahead of him when he entered the training camp.

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Maple Leaf coach Carlyle praised Stuart Percy for his great play and said that Percy’s offensive skills are really good and is impressed by Percy’s ability to adapt after just 1 season in the AHL. The same is voiced-out by other notable personas in ice-hockey such as Robidas and Staios.

Hard Work and Perseverance Pays Off

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Dubbed as playing at a level of those who have had at least 3 seasons in the NHL, Percy remains very humble and says that he has always played the way he has played before, combining lots of practice and playing the best that he can for the team. With this way of thinking, it is no wonder that this ‘kid’ gained lots of fans and the admiration of teammates. He indeed deserves to be called a fast-rising ice-hockey star.

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