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Here we’re going to go over the five top things to look for in the neighbourhood to make sure it’s the right one for you. Luxury isn’t always about gated communities, the priciest home on the block and picking the one home you saw in a magazine before you get out and see it for yourself. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it!

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

You’ve done your walkthrough and the house has everything you’re looking for… but what about the neighbourhood? Since it’s all about location you need to get out there and explore, seeing what the area holds in store for you. Don’t be afraid to get out and talk to your future neighbours. Ask them if there are any problems in the neighbourhood, if there is anything that they would change about it, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, since these are the people you’ll be living with for years to come.

Balance Your Needs and Your Wants

Balancing needs and wants is the best advice I could ever give. The Goodale Miller Team is  able to help you do this, but it’s also good to sit down and figure out what these are for yourself. Do you want a low maintenance lifestyle with a condo, or do you want a big yard and faux roman columns? Do you need walkability as part of your active lifestyle, or do you need nightlife and entertainment venues nearby? Striking the balance between the two is going to help you have a more fruitful search when looking for a luxury home.

Don’t Buy a Home Based on Staging

Home staging is a fantastic tactic to get buyers to buy, but it’s just staging! It’s there to give you an idea of what kind of luxury home you could have if you buy, but it’s only there as a guide. Think about how you would decorate it yourself, and fall in love with the potential of the home, not the stager’s pretty tapestries. Take a serious look at the space and ask yourself if there’s enough room to accommodate all of your belongings.

More is Not Always Better

Work with us to find the comparable home price in an area; just because a home is the most expensive on the block doesn’t mean it’s the best for your needs. You will need to consider the resale value of a home as well. Is it comparable to the rest of the homes on the block, will you be able to sell it to someone else down the road when you get a new job or retire somewhere warmer?

Choosing the right luxury home is all about balancing your wants with reality. Ask yourself: in the end does the home really stack up?

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