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Thinking of moving to a new home soon? You’re not alone. Just this year, approximately 73,000 residents of the GTA decided to move and get settled in new communities within the area. This is not surprising though, as sales and demand of homes all over Canada and especially, the Greater Toronto Area keeps rising. So when do you know if the time is right to sell?

With hundreds of thousands of people moving into or around the GTA each year and in increasing numbers, it is easy to say that this is simply a phase – that is, until you feel the urge to move yourself. Moving or purchasing a home is not an action to be taken lightly and it is always better to be equipped with the right information to ensure that you’re making the right decision. Below is our list of tips to help you out in deciding when to sell.

Don’t Look at Just Prices

When prices surge in your area and you feel that you can make a good profit by selling and moving to another neighbourhood, consider how this will affect your finances in the long run. Example, interest rates may not be in your favour or that employment statistics and opportunities in the community you’re moving to isn’t that great.

Consider Local Demand

Many homeowners decide not to sell if they see one of the nearby properties putting up the ‘for sale’ sign thinking that this will drive potential buyers to purchase the other property and not theirs. Instead of looking at such instances as more competition to make a good sale, think of it as an opportunity for more exposure. Who knows? People who were initially thinking of purchasing that other property may end up buying yours.

Assess Emotional Ties

We can’t help it. We often fall in-love with the communities we live in and deciding when to say goodbye can be very tricky, not to say stressful. Make sure that you’re ready to move on and welcome new experiences before deciding to sell. It might help to envision yourself having a great time in your new community. If that doesn’t help, then perhaps you might be more attached to your existing home than you initially thought so.

How Practical Will It Be?

Compare your current home’s living area to what your dream house’s square footage is. Do you need extra space or would benefit from moving to a smaller place? How close is your prospective new home to key amenities such as schools, hospitals, and parks? Have you scoped out the neighbourhood? If you love everything you see and they are in-line with your needs, then yes, it might be time to move.

After careful assessment of all the criterias in the tips above, then it is time to find yourself a good realtor to help you sell your home as well as find a new one. A realtor can help you prepare your home for sale and assist you with viewings so you can get the best deal.

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