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With the Toronto and Oakville real estate market booming there are more options for luxury homes than ever.  The market for high end luxury homes can be competitive, but one of our agents can help you find the home of your dreams.  Here we’re going to go over some tips so you can get the home of your dreams.

Not All Homes Are Listed

When you choose The Goodale Miller Team you’ll be able to see homes that aren’t on the MLS; many luxury homes go unlisted to protect the seller’s privacy and property. It’s important to choose the right team who has the connections to get you in to see the right homes so you can make a decision. Relationships factor in much more with this market, as the agent needs to know who to contact to schedule the viewings.

You Can Always Negotiate

Especially in the high end luxury market. The rules are a little different and sellers can be more flexible since the margins are much higher. A member of our team will help you compare listings in the same area and see recent sale prices. Finding great Oakville luxury real estate isn’t hard when you have the right help.

Get Pre-Approved

Before you start house hunting you need to know that you’ve been pre-approved for a loan by your lender. While this might seem like a step that you shouldn’t have to take with a luxury home, some sellers will require proof of one before they’ll schedule a viewing. There’s a difference between being pre-approved for your loan and being pre-qualified, so make sure you have a pre-approval letter in hand before you start looking at homes to buy.

Visit and Decide

Deciding whether you want to live in a home or not shouldn’t be based on a few pictures you see online. You should walk through the home and see the grounds to decide if it’s the right place for you. See how much landscaping the property has for example so you can get an idea of the upkeep for example. There are many small things that can come together to factor into the price of a home.

Get Local Help

The Oakville real estate market is an interesting one; with one of our team experts you’ll get local expertise with finding the right neighbourhood, home or condo and everything else you need to have a great home buying experience.

Buying a luxury home is another kind of experience and we can help! In this market it’s all about who relationships and who you know. So many great places aren’t listed and prices are never set in stone. Be sure that you document everything in the process, have your loan pre-approval letter ready to show to sellers and see places in person. Last of all, explore your luxury home options!

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