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So you’ve finally found the beautiful Oakville luxury home that you’ve been dreaming of. You’ve been looking for weeks online and now you’re face to face with your first home. From the time the seller figures out that you want to buy the home starts the point where things can go wrong. Here we’re going to go over four simple mistakes people make when buying a new home and how you can avoid. Let’s get started!

Explore Your Options

In the heat of the moment it’s easy to get caught up and hyper focus on a single home; this is a huge mistake that many people end up paying for later. You shouldn’t settle on the first home you see in a certain neighborhood. Not making a mistake in a bidding war is all about not getting into an unnecessary bidding war in the first place. Explore homes and settle on a piece of Oakville real estate for sale that you can live with and love for years to come. Don’t sign contracts right away; take your time and find the home that pops!

Don’t Choose a Home Based on the Purchase Price

Just because a home falls within a certain range (or really far out of it!) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep exploring options. Ask us to help explain all the real costs of the condo or home; home owners association fees, taxes, mortgage payments are all things to be considered in the true cost of the home. Before you sign the papers make sure that you understand what you’re getting into. People will often get into a bidding war on a home that’s priced well in a certain market and end up paying just as much as they would for other Oakville luxury homes for sale.

Read the Contract Before You Sign

Like mentioned in both points before, the third biggest mistake a home buyer can make is to sign a contract that they just don’t understand. This is why you shouldn’t buy a home on your own. With an expert from The Goodale Miller Team you’ll have the help you need to buy the right home and to make sure you understand all the HOA (home owners association) and other fees, taxes and costs that will be due at signing.

Consider the Resale Value of the Home

Not every home is a forever home, and before you buy your next home you should consider the resale value. People love homes with yards and beautiful views of Lake Ontario; these are just a couple of the things that are going to help you resell the home later on. Think about how hard it was for you to decide to buy the home, and if you’re a typical home buyer or if this was a unique situation.

As you’ve most likely already noticed, buying a home with one of our experts is important. Let a member of The Goodale Miller Team help you find your dream home today.

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