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Just because summer is over does not mean that the days of having fun with your kids has to end with it! Fall in Ontario comes with many warm sunny weekends to spend with your kids and enjoying being with them. Below are some fun activities that you can experience with your kids while its fall in Ontario.

Visit a Local Museum

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville

Ontario has some historical museums that older kids may enjoy. It also has national museums, kids specialty museums, and even seasonal ones. Try this when the day is a bit downcast.

Try Mini Golf

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville2

You’ll be surprised at how good kids can be when things are downsized to their size. You might even discover that your child is a golfing prodigy!

Go Fishing

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville3

Attend a salmon festival or see a salmon run. Your kids might also think that its fun to learn how to fish. Don’t underestimate their curiosity for learning new skills and enjoying a new experience.

See A Pumpkin Patch

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville4

Visiting a pumpkin patch would be perfect for families with small children. There are lots of opportunities to create good memories and snap a ton of cute photos to show to grandparents and friends.

Try Apple Picking

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville5

There are farms in Ontario that will let you pick apples and charge you at a per bushel or per bucket rate. Price is cheap but the fun memories you’ll come home with is priceless! (And you get to keep the apples).

Take a Themed Train Ride

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville6

Do you know that heritage or antique trains in Ontario offer colour train rides and themed train rides in fall? Be sure to book early to not miss this seasonal wonder!

Schedule A Trip To The Park or The Beach

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville7

Ontario has plenty of parks where you can hike, enjoy the beautiful scenery, or just go for a walk. The beach offers fun activities like playing beach volleyball or building sand castles. This is best reserved for a sunny weekend!

Visit the Zoo

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville8

There are some notable zoos and petting farms in Ontario, especially in and around Toronto. A petting farm might be enjoyed by younger children while school age kids may love to see the more exotic animals at a traditional zoo.

Challenge Your Kids With A Corn Maze

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville9

School age kids and pre-teens will have a great time exploring a corn maze, some of which can be as huge as 20 acres! Definitely an exciting time to spend a day!

Go to a Fall Fair

Fall Ideas with Kids Oakville10

Many fairs are scheduled to take place in the province for fall, with most celebrating agriculture and the fall harvest. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto is one that you shouldn’t miss.

See? Fall in Ontario can be as fun as the summer! The vacation days might be over but there’s a lot to look forward to that your kids will love!

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