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If you want to know how much an Oakville home for sale is worth, you’re going to need an appraisal. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling or buying Oakville luxury real estate, you’re still going to need to know how much a property is worth. Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know about home evaluations, and why an appraisal before you put your home up for sale or an offer down can be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Price Matters

When it comes to Oakville homes for sale, price does matter. Just because a home is priced a certain way doesn’t mean it reflects the actual value of the property. If you’re pricing a home you’re about to sell and price it too high you could chase off the very customers you want to work with you. If you’re a buyer and you take a piece of Oakville luxury real estate’s price at face value… it could cost you big. Desire can fuel prices more than anything, but you’ll always want to make sure you keep the needs of your heart and your wallet separate!

Finding an Appraiser

When you choose us as your Oakville luxury realtor, we can help you find an appraiser. Some home owners and buyers even opt for multiple appraisals, but remember that before a mortgage is guaranteed by the lender they will also have an appraiser come out to the property. It’s good to know the real value of a property, but a home inspection will help you get a clear picture too. Home inspectors look for issues with the structure of the property and can tell you what needs to be fixed with a piece of Oakville luxury real estate.

Know Before You Buy

Knowing before you buy will always save you money. Maybe a property group is selling Oakville homes for sale at a discount and you need to ask why before you buy. Maybe the price is overinflated, maybe the price is falling right in line with sale prices for other pieces of Oakville luxury real estate in the same neighbourhood. Whatever you do, you’re going to need help so you know what you’re buying before you put down an offer. Consider contingencies like an appraisal and home inspection before your bid goes live.

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