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While there hasn’t been the worst winter on record, it’s still nice to beat the cold and go somewhere warm (even if you’re looking at a spring/summer holiday). If you’re looking to get the best travel deals you’ll actually want to do it a little differently; think about calling a travel agency instead of using a website. Pick a country that might be a little less popular – while Oktoberfest sounds like a great idea you’ll be able to get a lot more bang for your bucks in Thailand. Think outside the box and you’ll be surprised what you can pull together for a weekend or month long getaway.

Don’t Just Look Online

While almost everyone’s first inclination will be to check online, you might want to pick up the phone instead! Many airlines are removing themselves from different pricing services and you can save hundreds of dollars on airfare alone. Call a reputable travel agent, call a hotel chain, do some research online to see if you can maybe deal directly to get a better deal. Sometimes the personal touch over the phone can open some magical doors!

Get Away from the Gold Zones

Gold zones are the resort zones; here you’ll find canned vacations complete with buffets, spray on tans and crowded beaches (depending on the season). If you want to get away from expensive prices and broke down casitas, it never hurts to look outside the box. Not so far outside the box that you have to worry about your safety, but far enough away that you can have a fun time and spend money on the things you’re interested in, not just on a questionable pool and watered down drinks.

Use Your Money Wisely

Using your money wisely will help you get the best travel deals this season. While all inclusive deals started out as a bit iffy, they’re actually one of your best options. There are 5 diamond all inclusive “unlimited luxury” that will cost you but give you everything you want. What’s more important to you? Do you want to put your money towards dining, activities, frosty white beaches that stretch out into infinity? Do research online and figure out what your money would be best spent on. Don’t get tripped up by too many negative reviews on trip advisor either, you’ll have

 Where do You Want to Visit?

The popular destinations are popular for a reason and they know they can make your pay a premium. If you want to visit a specific destination you’ll want to see which seasons are busiest – low season might be low for a reason but you can always find the right time to visit where you don’t have to spend a bundle. After all, who doesn’t want an entire island to themselves?

When you want to get a great deal, look around. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, get outside the resort zones and do your research!

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