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Looking for some fun this weekend? Then you wouldn’t want to miss walking with ghosts at the Spruce Lane Farm. A Bronte Creek attraction every August, the Ghost Walk is hosted by the Bronte Creek Provincial Park officials to give visitors a spooktacular time discovering the supernatural side and history of the Spruce Lane Farmhouse. Read on to find out more about how you can walk with ghosts in Oakville!

The Spruce Lane Farmhouse

What is it about old buildings that makes them so fascinating and spooky at the same time? Is it the ambiance? The spirits thought to be haunting the place? Or maybe just the stories passed on from person to person about the place?

A lot of paranormal investigators have paid a visit to the Spruce Lane Farmhouse, and though none of them have said that malevolent spirits or spectres are haunting the historical home, they’ve concluded that there’s definitely some eerie presence around the area, probably the energy left behind by the previous inhabitants of the place.

The guides themselves have stories of people opting not to enter the farmhouse due to having some not-so-good feeling upon setting foot at the threshold. Scared yet? The guides have also said that nothing negative has been experienced by visitors during the guided tours, so there is nothing to worry about, folks!

Could it be then that people are just scared because of the stories of ghosts that are supposed to be haunting the place? Or maybe it’s the ambiance of the tour intensified by the use of mere lamplights? The guides at the Spruce Lane Farmhouse Ghost Walk tour have different opinions on this, and some even say that it is best to just experience the tour for yourself.

Ghostly Stories

There are so many tales of people experiencing something eerie in the house a long time ago. There are stories about hearing ghostly voices in the halls, and visitors seeing phantom children playing and laughing at the home.

Even the staff have scary tales of their own, mostly about the house being displeased if their performance isn’t at par with how staffs are expected to behave in the Victorian era - a time when there would be a butler or head of staff who would be strictly enforcing the house rules. A favorite haunting ground in the home is the dining area, where people have reported seeing doors open and close with no other person being there. Just imagine a creaking door slowly opening to possibly reveal something! Now, that’s scary!

A Memorable Trip

The Ghost Walk is not intended to be scary, although some people report getting spooked by the tales and stories shared by the costumed guides as they toured the whole old farmhouse by lamplight. The event is actually geared to be an educational tour about the customs and beliefs about afterlife and death during the Victorian age.

The next Ghost Walk is scheduled this Sunday, August 23 from 7:30 up to 9:00 in the evening. You’ll surely have a spooktacular time as you listen to the stories narrated by the guides as well as narrative accounts of the observations, occurrences, and unexplained happenings at the farmhouse. To know more, you may call 905-827-6911 or visit

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