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The Oakville Town Hall meeting that took place in the 10th of January 2018 made sure to discuss proposed official plan amendment for Glen Abbey. The meeting, one of the first on the topic, aims to both disseminate and gather information about changes to Glen Abbey plans for development.

Public meetings are an important part of the process as Glen Abbey is a heritage site. The first meetings, which were scheduled at the Trafalgar room in Oakville’s Town Hall, had two sessions, one in the afternoon from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., and one in the evening which run from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. another meeting (a statutory public one) was scheduled on January 30 wherein Oakville residents were able to voice out their opinions regarding the official plan amendment to the members of the planning and development council.

The Purpose of the Amendment

The amendments to the official plan are meant to accomplish the following:

  • Provide structure or limits to identify special policy areas for cultural heritage landscapes and heritage conservation districts that are protected in view of the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Assess land use policies and designations to support the management, protection, and use of the Glen Abbey Golf Course cultural heritage landscape in such a way that supports the conservation of its cultural interest or heritage value.

Why Attend Public Meetings?

Public meetings like these are a great way to foster community spirit and have a say in what makes Oakville and amazing neighbourhood to live in. Aside from being able to voice out personal sentiments regarding the looming development of Glen Abbey, enough people that show support for conservation efforts can change how things will go in the future.

Attending public meetings can be a great way to engage in the democratic process that makes Oakville a great place to live. These public meetings will be a great opportunity for Oakville residents to have a say in how the town and Glen Abbey develops into the future.

Possible Effects of the Changes to the Official Plan Include:

The effect of the proposed official plan amendment to the Livable Oakville Plan is to:

  • Identify areas that can change use from the initial proposed plan.
  • Add new policies to support Glen Abbey Golf Course as a Cultural Heritage Site.
  • Change land designations in the proposed development plan.
  • Delete sections of policies that are affected by proposed new changes.

What the Future Holds

The above are just a few of the covered topics and these may still change in the future depending on if officials will choose to go through with the Glen Abbey Development Plan or if they’d choose to not go through with it yet. There are also zoning and land use amendments that are being looked into and we’ll share any update that we can gather in the future regarding this.

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