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One of the latest trends in luxury homes for sale in Oakville is sustainability, and what’s more sustainable than a moss lawn? Why try and seed Kentucky bluegrass in your yard when you can use something native and less resource intensive? It stays green and gorgeous year round, helping you sell your luxury Oakville home when you need to. Conserving nutrients in the soil and avoiding weeding, fertilizing and even high utility bills trying to keep things green is going to make a home much more attractive. Let’s get started!

Pops of Year Round Colour

When it comes to giving your property a touch of colour year round, you’re going to be able to use moss in ways that you never dreamed of. Some home owners will want to plant a single variety of moss, others will go with up to 20 different varieties! It’s all a matter of taste and you can set up a pretty fantastic gradient effect. You can design shade, water and moss gardens of all kinds over rocky soil that’s not going to really be able to yield a good grass lawn.

People Love Lawns

People love lawns, but they’re not always big on lawn care. If you want to be able to sell your luxury Oakville real estate faster you’re going to want to make your property attractive. Even if you don’t plan on selling now, an established moss lawn for when you do sell will make your property more attractive to buyers. It’ll save you thousands in maintenance and you’ll be working with nature instead of trying to figure out how to trick it to grow something that’s just not native to this region.

No Roots

One of the best things about Moss is that it doesn’t have roots, fruits and even seeds! It’ll grow on the rockiest of soils, and you won’t have to dump nearly as much fertilizer, water or anything else into the soil. It will grow virtually anywhere, as long as the temperature stays below 38c. If you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your luxury homes for sale in Oakville, you’re going to want to really consider a moss lawn.

Is Moss Difficult to Grow?

When it comes to growing a moss lawn, you’ll only need moisture and light. It will grow just fine in a cloudy climate just as easily as it will anywhere else, and you’ll be able to have that green lawn long after the fall rains begin. Sheet moss and fern moss are great for luxury Oakville real estate, but there are many different kinds of moss that will grow great in our microclimate.

If you want to make your home more attractive to buyers and overall, moss is an excellent and sustainable choice! If you’d like to learn more about green homes for sale in Oakville and how to put your luxury home up on the block, contact us! We’re experienced Oakville luxury realtors that can help you learn what you need to know to make the right decision for you.

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